Drive Traffic To Your Website from Your Videos

You know that videos are The Hot Thing, but they can have a downside as well. When videos are hosted on sites like there’s a danger of keeping your audience on youtube instead of your own site – not good!

To combat this, you need to make it super easy for people to get from your videos back to your website. And that’s why you need to make sure that every video on the web contains a link back to your site within the first line of the description. Here’s what I mean.

On youtube, you can insert a clickable link in your video’s description. But most people make the mistake of putting the link at the bottom of the description, and therefore hiding it from most viewers. Look to the right of this video:  See where it says “More at “? Although it’s not the most genius headline I’ve ever written, it allows the viewer to click over to my site via a link that’s easy to spot.

For comparison, take a look at the sidebar of this video:  See how there’s no link? Well there actually IS a link but most people will never get to it because they have to do the work of clicking “more info” in order to see it. Even if they did click the link, it’s buried in a paragraph of text and not easily found.

Now that you understand why it’s important to put your link in the first line, take some time to go through any videos you have on the web and make sure there’s a link to your site in the first line of the description. In youtube you do this by clicking “edit video” from the video page then modifying the content in the “description” box. I recommend that you keep your link to one line, then have at least one blank line before the rest of the description to make your link stand out. This simple action can make an incredible difference in the amount of traffic driven from your videos to your website.

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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. Chase Adams says:

    Laura — That is a genius tip! Most people are so used to reading a description with the link at the end, but YouTube does a surprising job at hiding that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s crazy that people still make this mistake. Even though most people use YouTube and know that anything beyond the first line of the description will be hidden by default, screwing this up is so very common.

    A similar mistake a lot of people make is forgetting to add the “http://” before the web address. In some video services, links with out the http won’t parse, which means they can’t be licked.

    Getting this right will (in a way, sadly) already put your videos ahead of a lot of the competition. I get a ton of traffic from YouTube, and this is one of the reasons why (I guess being good-looking and funny help too).

  3. In the process of taking up some marketing courses online, I came to know of the visibilty Viral Videos can get for you. I will soon loading up a ton of videos on youtube. I will track and monitor all the traffic and conversion it gets me.

  4. This is wonderfully timely information for me, thank you! Just this morning, I looked over at the unopened FlipCam and tripod sitting on my file cabinet and said to myself, “Jenny… it ain’t going to shoot it’s own videos. Learn it, girl!”

    So this absolutely “news to me!” tidbit? Muchas gracias!


    Jenny Foss

  5. Good advice, I’ve only just started with video and already doing this, its the equivalent of having your sign up box in the first fold of a site.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  6. Elizabeth Southall says:

    This tip totally rocks – I’m just about to load a pile of videos onto YouTube and I’m completely stoked that I’ve come across this post before I did! Thanks for the great info Laura. =)

  7. Laura, Thanks for pointing this out and I have actually noticed this sometime ago and always wondered why some people don’t put the link at the very beginning of the description. I mean all it takes is to preview your work to see if there are adjustment that are needed. I don’t know what other people are thinking, it baffles me sometimes. Also, on some of the Youtube channels and on Twitter some people are using dark fonts against a dark background.!? Oh well, to each his own.

  8. See, this is the essence of your brilliance! Simple, practical, and so very important. Thanks for highlighting this.

  9. That’s true. I’ve seen a lot of those on youtube, they might have a nice video and be all interesting but when we struggle to find that link to their website then that’s their lost, they have lost some potential customers/readers/visitors. Because I’ve read on some research that more than half of the people wouldn’t bother to go through all that trouble for that clickthrough because they all want to be able to see it easily.

    Nobody wants the hassle. :)