Steal These 7 Common Blogging Strategies

Almost every bit of blogging advice you get starts with:

“Have a Concrete Strategy for Your Blog”

Most of us shake our heads in agreement and start writing posts – without a strategy.  It’s not because we are stupid or lazy – it’s because most people don’t have a clue about HOW to identify their blog’s strategy.

I understand that it may not be as easy as having a cup of coffee and writing what your passionate about.  But, to make this work, your blog’s strategy has to guide your actions.  It is the foundation for your posting calendar.  Your strategy dictates how you will monetize your audience and it seamlessly works with your overall business strategy.

7 Powerful Blog Strategies

The good news is that almost all blogs are built on fairly common strategies.  Let’s take a minute to explore seven of the most popular:

  • Talent Showcase:

    Your blog is a quick and effective way to display your creative talents.  Your audience can interact with you and see physical proof of your experience and expertise.

  • Network and Connect:

    Your blog is a platform for attracting a like-minded audience of enthusiasts.  On your blog, you use comment-provoking posts to connect with your readers and build rapport.

  • Notify and Inform:

    Readers visit your blog because you have a knack for uncovering valuable information.  Your blog is where you reveal what you’ve discovered and invite readers to contribute their thoughts.

  • Reflect and React:

    The world (or your niche) is a confusing place and your blog exists to bring clarity.  You routinely tackle tough arguments and offer your readers a new perspective.

  • Educate and Instruct:

    Every post is designed to move your reader toward their personal goals.  Your blog is filled with inspiration and practical exercises that puts your reader in a position to succeed.

  • Thought Leadership:

    You are creator that weaves new ideas out of thin air.  Every post tackles a new frontier that requires completely original thinking.  You’re a content creator and your blog is a platform for sharing your insights and receiving feedback.

  • Lead Generator:

    Always Be Closing.  Your blog’s purpose is clear – get an action that translates into a sale or a new lead.  Every element of your blog is meant to move your prospect through a defined purchase process.

As an online marketer, you have to make important decisions about every tactic in your arsenal.  Although blogging takes time, it is time well invested – especially if you are following a consistent strategy.  Once you’ve defined your strategy, use it to evaluate your posts, promotion, and other social media tasks (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

It’s Your Turn – Talk to Me?

Take a moment to review the list above and tell me what strategy you’re using for your blog.  Do you have a strategy or will you need to take some steps to get yourself back on track?



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  1. Stand how is it going bro..but anyway I have an strategy..Mondays I do all my blog post for the week..Tuesday I write all my article marketing crap and Wednesday I do my networking and interviews with other bloggers..and keep walking on that marketing road,,

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  2. Really great post, Stanford. I love posts like this that organize, pinpoint, make concrete, and dissect the vague cloud of thoughts that I’ve got related to the subject.

    My strategy is mainly to educate and instruct, with a little bit of thought leadership sprinkled on top to give it that extra zest.

    And I think that every blogger should always be a closer. He/she should have some specific goal in mind or some targeted action he/she wants the readers to take.

  3. Wow, solid post. I’m first-time reader and this post really makes me question the purpose of my own blog. It’s not a business yet, just a topic…but it does really need a single strategy that ties it all together. Thanks for the great overview!

  4. Good list. Every blogger would love to have a bit of everything on that list, but it would be better to focus on just one strategy then eventually expand.

    Looking forward to more of your posts.