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Practical Magic: Reinventing The Next Six Months Of Your Business

First Name * Last Name * Email * ‘Fess up – Did your business measure up to your expectations in 2010? Want to change all that in 2011? This is for you if you are: Making much less money than you know you could be Hustling to find enough great clients to work with Wasting… [Read More]

Facebook Insights

Are facebook pages (what used to be known as fan pages) really useful for a business? Well, I would say yes and in more ways than you might think. Take a peek into facebook’s Insights, a valuable feature I’m guessing you didn’t even know was there! What are Facebook Insights? Insights is a collection of… [Read More]

How To Optimize Your Email

Your email signature may seem like a tiny speck of your web presence but in reality its a super-important space that too many people overlook. Every email you send could contain a subtle reminder about special promotions or press. Why not take a moment right now to create a to-do item on your calendar at… [Read More]

How Team Blogging Can Help You Achieve More

Can you imagine a cheerleader cheering on her own? A great cheerleader knows that the cheering is a team sport alongside football. Team sports, like team blogging means nobody has to be perfect but everybody has a role to play. Blogging together means you can achieve far more than what you can on your own;… [Read More]

Update Your Facebook Profile Links

This blog post falls into the category of “yeah you know it, but have you actually DONE it?” (It’s also super easy, so you have no excuses!) It’s time.  I want you to update the links on your facebook personal profile as well as any pages that you’ve created. Most people choose these links when… [Read More]

How Much Does Your Brand CARE?

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “People don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care,” then you already know the secret to a truly successful brand.  In simple terms, a brand is how you make people FEEL when they interact with you. Does your target market know how much… [Read More]

Nail Salon Marketing – How To Dominate The Competition

Transcript: [0:00:00] Hello Laura Roeder here. Today I want to talk about what is my opinion the easiest way to make yourself stand out from the competition and make your business succeed. This is something that you’ve heard before I’m not going to tell you anything new but as always, are you doing it? So… [Read More]

5 Tips For Long Term Social Media Success

I think it’s safe to say that Social Media is not a fad, right? But there are still many people out there using social media for short term gain. Getting lots of followers who don’t know them, sending friend requests like crazy and posting links all over the place in an attempt to get noticed…. [Read More]

Track It Bit by Bit

Have you ever heard someone say that social media is hard to track and measure? I’m calling FOUL on that one right here and now! Social media is easy to track IF you have the right tools and is one of the best, most powerful and completely free tools out there. is a… [Read More]