How Team Blogging Can Help You Achieve More

Can you imagine a cheerleader cheering on her own? A great cheerleader knows that the cheering is a team sport alongside football. Team sports, like team blogging means nobody has to be perfect but everybody has a role to play.

Blogging together means you can achieve far more than what you can on your own; it’s like guest blogging on steroids (only without the side affects).

In January 2010 we started a team blog. It became very popular very quickly due to the variety and depth of content. On a solo blog you have one voice and guest voices if you invite them. A team blog, sometimes known as group blogging or multi author blogging, means you get to share many voices on one subject, in our case women in business.

Team blogging means a bigger audience. It also creates a new audience, so you reach readers who may have never discovered your work before. You see it in Hollywood movies all the time; a big name actor hooked up and sharing billing with a younger unknown actor. Both the actors reach new audiences. The big name actor will sell more DVDs and the younger less experienced actor gains more opportunities :) What’s not to love?

Fancy giving team blogging a go?

As I mentioned above, the chances are you already know the people to contact, you will find them in forums, in blogs that you love and on lists in Twitter. Find your Tribe and make contact. Be prepared to answer their questions and remember if they are asking or objecting it’s because they need reassuring.

As a group lead the discussion as to what platform you will use – we love WordPress and if you are not sure how to use it Laura can help in her Zero to WordPress program. As a team, decide on your blogging frequency but do that after you have decided on what topics to blog on. Over at Birds on the Blog we have a rotating group of 30 ‘permanent’ bloggers, Some blog on similar topics to each other and some on posts that are completely off the wall and beyond their field of experience. Decide the rules in advance such as if you will allow topic cross-over.

As any cheerleader will tell you, it’s OK to have a slightly less than perfect voice. When working together as a team, in both cheering and blogging, any shortfall will be covered by the stronger members. The less skilled parts of the team become stronger, more confident and that eases the pressure on the top performers.

What I am saying is, it’s cool to have a mix of skills on your team blog. No one will think less of you for joining in, many can see how the group grows and improves. The chances are if you are one of the stronger ones you will learn new things and refresh old techniques that you once dismissed. And hey, it feels good to encourage new talent.

Money, let’s talk filthy lucre. A team blog is in a position to monetize more swiftly than a traditional blog. I wasn’t expecting that and it caught me off guard. Our adsense revenue pays for the education of twin girls in Uganda. Sponsorship has enabled us to upgrade the blog’s infrastructure and hosting several times. With one team blog we are looking at all affiliate link advertising with revenue splits between the main editor and the bloggers. On another we allow the bloggers to use their own affiliate links. What works best for you may well change over time, so be clear about that right from the start.

If there is an existing team blog that you like, why not ask to become a reserve? Ask to post a few guest blogs to see if the audience is right for you, and if it will give you the opportunity to become part of something much bigger. A team blog amplifies your voice and increases your reach and as you get better at it, so do your writing skills.

As I said at the beginning a cheerleader doesn’t cheer by herself and neither do bloggers have to go it alone to achieve their goals. I am lucky I have a dream time of brilliant business women bloggers.

Who would be in your blogging dream team?


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Sarah Arrow is a multi- author, team blogging advocate. She has 6 team blogs of her own and blogs her thoughts at Blogmistress. She is happy to chat on twitter @SarahArrow


  1. I don’t know Laura for some reason people are stating to contact me to be part of their blogging group now. I see the power in building an community and making money at the some time.

    By bringing an all star line up in, its easier to grow an blog in a short amount of time because everyone is pulling their own weight.

    • I agree an all star line up would move things along faster, but sometimes that is not possible as people have varying business commitments. On the plus side, if you start a group blog they can always join in later on.

  2. Excellent post Sarah!

    Esp loved “it’s OK to have a slightly less than perfect voice” as that goes not just for team blogging but any kind of blogging. Perfection is highly overrated ;) Who would I have on my dream team .. hmm … I’ve got a few people in mind, fellow coaches, ass kickin’ personal development bloggers and some wacky, individualistic unconventional thinkers!

    Rock on, Tia

    ps: found this post via Third Tribe

    • Thanks Tia,
      If you need a wacky, unconventional thinker to guest post every now and then, I’d be happy to oblige :)

      I find that perfection slows things down, that is not to say you shouldn’t do your best. Just that it may not be possible every single day.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Blogging as a team really does amplify the effort – and Sarah’s approach with the “on the blog” series could not be more inclusive, giving every level of blogger an opportunity – the more the merrier, indeed.

    I love collaborative blogging – much more fun and easier too!

  4. For certain people and personalities, team blogging may be just what they need to get into the fast lane. thanks for the post.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

    • Thanks Dwight, it doesn’t suit everyone you absolutely are right about that. It works well when you have a common theme, in our case we are all business women blogging about our businesses. We have a cardmaker and a private tutor – so we are very diverse as well :)

  5. I am so happy to have found this post! I’ve just started a team blog with two others, and it was awesome to have some of the benefits of team blogging reinforced. I’d be curious to know more about the pros and cons of the two affiliate approaches you mentioned.

    Thanks for the great info!

    ♥ dumpling

    • In our case the pro’s are the bloggers are rewarded directly for their writing, the cons are that it could be mistaken that this revenue goes to the girls we educate in Uganda. We all send extra to the girls anyway, we just don’t want to mislead our readers and that is where it gets a bit tricky.

      Good luck with your team blog, will just op over to it and say hi :)

  6. I’ve come across this technique and I agree that it does attract a wider audience. Its really interesting to see the different types of techniques bloggers use to increase traffic and popularize their blogs. Wherever there is team effort there are faster and effective results.

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