Nail Salon Marketing – How To Dominate The Competition



Hello Laura Roeder here. Today I want to talk about what is my opinion the easiest way to make yourself stand out from the competition and make your business succeed. This is something that you’ve heard before I’m not going to tell you anything new but as always, are you doing it?

So I think the best, easiest, most effective way to make yourself stand out it is quality. Having the highest quality, experience, products, service. I was just thinking about this because I just got my nails painted and the place that I go to it’s a newer nail salon. It opened up maybe a year ago now. I always chit chat with the owner when I go in and in a year, or maybe even less than a year, she has already bought out the space next door and expanded her nail salon to move into two store fronts.

That’s how successful her business is doing in this bad economy and there’s not a shortage of nail salons where I live. I live in LA there are tons of nail salons everywhere yet Hannah has doubled her business, right?

Has grown so much that she has to rent out the space next door. She’s totally renovated it. And here’s the difference between Hannah’s Nail Salon, I think that’s what it’s called, and all the other nail salons in my area. Her nail salon is better. It’s just better. It’s cleaner it’s not ugly and chunky. She has like nice design. Everything looks new everything’s clean. They follow up the standards, the sanitizing everything, they have all the latest nail polish colors.

They’re not doing anything super-innovative right? They’re not re-inventing the wheels. They have the standard services. You go in, you pick out your nail polish and they paint your nails, right? But it’s just nicer, they do everything well. The people that work there do a really good job. They’re nice they don’t have like any loud Korean soap operas blaring from the TV, right? It’s just a nice place to go they just have the best quality and because they have the best quality, they’re absolutely dominating.

There are so many little opportunities in your business to improve the quality, that maybe you don’t do because you’re trying to save money. Or maybe you don’t think that they matter but they really do add up to make a big difference.

One thing that I would love to change in information products is that I’m always shocked by the really low production value of information products. It’s almost scary to say this because oh my God, I’m holding myself to really high standard now but I do want to hold myself to a high standard. And it is something that we work hard at to make sure when you buy a product through me, that you have a good experience, that the video is good, that the audio is good.

You can download it and download the audio file and get the transcript and like all the pieces that you need. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to — you know I was listening to a recording the other day of a product that costs thousands of dollars and the whole first ten minutes were filled with like, we’re having trouble with the phone lines, oh can you un-mute yourself okay now can you un-mute yourself? I’m like why did they not edit this out when you’re paying thousands of dollars, can you not edit out that first ten minutes of we’re having trouble with the phone line for the recording?

This is the kind of small thing that you can do that makes your experience that makes your quality way better than everyone else. So if your business could be doing better if you’re struggling how to surpass other people in your industry, look at all the little ways that you can improve your customer’s experience and that you can offer the highest quality out there.


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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. Laura standing out is the key to any niche, because you have to separate yourself from the crowd and say how can I dominate this market.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. Adrienne Suarez says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Laura. People are often so into getting a product out there that they don’t think of making that product *good*. It’s definitely something I’m trying to keep in mind as I’m developing my Web site and blog.

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! Love that you’re raising the bar Laura.

  4. Always a good reminder, Laura. Thanks!

  5. If I’m paying thousands of dollars for a product I agree that the presentation and experience should be much better than you described. We also have to be careful for products that are packaged and presented nicely but offer no real value in content.

  6. Great point Laura.
    I once listened to Perry Marshall (Adwords guru)where midway through his webinar he absolutely yelled at his kids for interrupting him. Not only was it a live webinar, but I heard it on a CD that he posted out.
    I learn a lot from that CD, what NOT to do!


  7. Great stuff, Laura. I especially love your comment about the idiotic noise and crud at the beginning of a recorded product. As a long-time radio/audio production guy, I go to great lengths to tell the folks I work with to CLEAN THAT JUNK UP. Be as spare and seamless as possible. Your listeners/viewers/ clients will definitely appreciate it. And it sets you apart from your competition that fails to do the clean-up job on the little things. I also suggest that they use higher-quality microphones for audio to get a much better sound…

    Thanks…keep it up!