Practical Magic: Reinventing The Next Six Months Of Your Business

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‘Fess up – Did your business measure up to your expectations in 2010?

Want to change all that in 2011?

This is for you if you are:

  • Making much less money than you know you could be
  • Hustling to find enough great clients to work with
  • Wasting too much time working on low-leverage, low paying activities
  • In need of a clear plan for how to spend your time each day

Check out the free webinar to learn the secrets of how I’ve used my own breed of “practical magic” to rapidly build a multiple six-figure online business in under two years.

This is how I’ve achieved huge goals like extended vacations to exotic locales, befriending my dream mentors and even traveling with Sir Richard Branson!

For the first time, I reveal the 4 simple guiding principles that you can put in place TODAY to unlock your own practical magic.

You even to get to grab a free step-by-step map download of my exact process for sending over 5,000 visitors to my website for free.

“Thank you for a terrific webinar. Enjoyed it immensely. Simple and easy to apply, yet advanced enough to be effective.”

William Drescher

I also give you the scoop on how to “steal my business” via  Systems That Sell.

You’re going to love this!

Practical Magic: Reinventing The Next Six Months Of Your Business

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“As always, Laura’s content is clear, practical, and implementable. Her Practical Magic wwebinar gave me a track to run on and ideas for implementation.”

Elizabeth Cottrell

“Thank you for a terrific webinar. Enjoyed it immensely. Simple and easy to apply, yet advanced enough to be effective.”

William Drescher

@ellenchappelle Great webinar, @lkr ! Thank you for the insights, as always! #magic

@HeatherWellness practical magic! just made 3 business decisions in 60 seconds with @lkr #magic

@MorganDayCecil Thanks again for Practical #Magic. I’m always impressed by your straight talk and grace.

@Lacewigdesigner on #magic webinar with @lkr through her decisive activity I will be launching a hairline within the next six months and making more connects

@brendaleguisamo @lkr Thank you so much again for sharing your value added Practical and Magical insight on the webinar today! #magic

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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. What’s the duration?

  2. Pat Higinbotham says:

    Available after for download / replay?

  3. Hi Laura,
    I would love to assist to the webinar but it will be 2 am in Switzerland!
    WIll you be recording the show?

  4. Me too – 1am in the UK – will you be recording?


  5. Registered. No problem 2am in The Netherlands, just starting my night ;)

  6. There will be a replay :)

  7. (It´s Mikaeltheangel on dear Marit´s website) I am real busy now dear Laura, but I shall attend your webinar. BTW it said now when I joined your Dash community for the x : th time, that I and 44 other Facebookers liked it. And when I was asked to like your webinar tonight, it said that 21 had liked it before. You know, 4+4 = 8, and 2+1 = 3.. But I liked your webinar as the 22 nd, so I guess I was mind of lucky there, as 2+2 = 4.. HHMM.. But on the other hand.. 8+4 = 12 which reduces 1+2 = 3 AGAIN !., so (BRRR ! ; ) it seems almost impossible now to get away from 8 : s and 3 : s !.. (And just wait until you read what I soon shall tell you there on dear Marit´s website ! ; )

    See you soon, dear !

  8. I was excited for it.

    But it won’t play…Gotomeeting wants me to install software?!

    I look forward to the replay.

  9. Hi Laura,

    This webinar sounded really good. I was sick yesterday and saw the message too late. Is it possible to get the replay?

    Kind regards Cille Saastad

  10. It was too late for me as well here in Israel. Would love to hear the replay once it’s made available!

  11. Laura…I was on the road (not literally)during the Webinar, so I am hoping a replay will be available.

    I like magic…and am intrigued regarding what sort of “practical” variety you were going to conjure up.

    Waiting for your mojo,
    John A. Fallone
    President, Biz Dev Consultant & CEO

  12. Hi, Laura:

    I greatly enjoyed your Webinar last Tuesday, and I’m thrilled to hear that you’re offering it again!

    I hosted a Webinar of my own on Wednesday, all about how to make this new year your best ever. Several people on the call mentioned that they had attended your Webinar the night before, and found it very inspiring & enlightening.

    My Wealthy Bohemian email subscribers just got a note about the encore presentation.

    Kevin Delaney

  13. Hello Laura,

    I’ll be happy to be there!

    Please tell me, what is required to attend your webinar in good conditions? Just Gotomeeting?

    Thanks and have a cool time.