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To Follow Back or Not Follow Back on Twitter

In this video you’ll learn about… What is “following” on Twitter Whether you have to follow everyone that follows you Etiquette of “following” or “unfollowing” people on Twitter How do you decide to “follow” or “unfollow” someone on Twitter? Share your comments below. Transcript: Hi! I’m Laura Roeder and I want to talk today about… [Read More]

The problem with goals

Watch below to hear Laura’s take on… The problem with goals How to make them stick What NOT to do when setting goals Transcript: Use what works for you. Use what inspires you. Use what fires you up. But you need to start with what you want to get done in your business. This is… [Read More]

Finish Your Year Off Right

You’ve been busy wrapping the presents, preparing the holiday meal, and getting the house looking great for the guests. There is a lot to think about during the holiday season, but don’t forget to think about your business too! Here are five quick things you can still do in 2011 to close the year out… [Read More]

He Who is the Most Consistent Wins

As you are getting ready and doing all of that planning for the New Year, remember one very important step…be consistent. Check out the video below to learn: How to stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds How serious commitment leads to serious success How systems can help you achieve consistency Transcript: Hey, I’m… [Read More]

LKR’s Gift Guide Week 3: Office Supplies to Get Your Biz On

You’ve seen our favorite small business tools and our favorite small business books, this week we’re sharing cool office supplies that make work fun.  We fully embrace that we are geeks for planners. Something about these make it more fun and actually inspire us to plan ahead! Desk-It Weekly Calendar Anne our project manager is… [Read More]

How to Make Google Sing and Dance with Your Blog

More and more small business owners are blogging these days. Which makes sense because it’s such a great tool for your business. Blogging allows you to do so much more than just sharing news and promoting events. You can use blogging to boost your credibility, create a personal connection with your audience, and answer customer… [Read More]

Energy Leaks in Your Life = Energy Leaks in Your Business

Phone rings, dog barks, child screams from the kitchen. Oh, is it my turn to drive the car pool? Oops! If you’re an entrepreneur working from your home, you’ve probably thought about putting a padlock on the door to your office or, at the very least, purchasing one of those little noise diffusers so that… [Read More]

LKR’s Gift Guide Week 2: Books to Get Your Biz On

Last week we shared some handy dandy small business tools to help you get your work on. Our gift guide continues this week with one of our favorite things, BOOKS! You can never go wrong with gifting books and the books below will go far beyond the winter break. These are books that have taught… [Read More]

How to Use Your Personality to Increase Your Social Media ROI

There’s so much social media advice out there. Search for like-minded people. Join in on conversations…but only the ones you can add something to. Automate your tweets. Don’t automate your tweets. Be interesting. Provide value… it’s enough to make your head spin! For the past nine months, I’ve been working on a theory about the… [Read More]

LKR’s Gift Guide Week 1: Tools to Get Your Biz On

Have an entrepreneur friend in your life and haven’t a clue on what to get them for the holidays? Or maybe YOU still don’t know what you’d like to put on your own wish list. Team LKR has gathered our favorite small business tools that we use and love and created a three-week series, the… [Read More]