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Is Clutter Holding You Back From Business Success…YES!

No matter how many self development books you read, how many life coaching and business programs you buy into, or how badly you want to make changes in your life, things aren’t going to miraculously happen or change if you are living with clutter. If you have clutter, it is holding you back. You need… [Read More]

How social media conversations can grow your business

One of the consistent challenges to social media is the question of Return on Investment (ROI). Along with that challenge, comes a question that asks more specifically, “How does social media actually help someone get business?” There’s only one problem with this challenge and it’s that the focus is only on social media. Social media… [Read More]

Are You Treating Your Hired Help Like “The Hired Help”?

Transcript: Hey, there. I’m Laura Roeder, and today I want to ask you are you treating your hired help like the hired help? Here is what I mean. My mom has this phrase which she says. I don’t know if other people say this or my mom just made it up, you never know with my mom,… [Read More]

Why Your Video Shouldn’t Look Like a Hollywood Production – Go Have Fun Creating Video

I’m sure you have noticed that video is everywhere and it’s hot. YouTube is now one of the largest search engines in its own right. The benefits of video can be great for business whether you are a solopreneur or company of any size. These benefits range from increased brand awareness, improved keyword and search… [Read More]

What’s the Least You Can Charge? A Radical Reframe On Pricing in a World of $100k Coaching Programs

So I wrote a whole long article about my history in business, how and why I’ve invested more than $250,000 in my own business education and apparently it didn’t save before my computer rebooted on its own in the middle of the night. Argh. This morning, I wrote the whole thing out for you again…. [Read More]

How to Grow Your Business While Raising a Family

  In case Stella’s cuteness was too much to watch, lets recap the video Plan your business around your family This is the most important piece of advice I give to everyone who works with me. It’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement and momentum of building your business that family falls… [Read More]

Climb to The Top with

Ever read that you should find other blogs in your niche? It’s an umbrella tactic that can be useful in many different ways – leaving targeted comments, guest posting on the blog or running special promotions with the blogger. But how do you find these blogs in the first place? One of my favorite spots… [Read More]

The Dumbledore 10-Point Guide to Video

After dropping many hints, I received a Flip camera for Christmas. Last Christmas…2009. I had taken Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame workshop, and she recommended using video on business websites. It made perfect sense. People like to get to know a little about you and why you think your work should matter to them. Video is… [Read More]