What’s the Least You Can Charge? A Radical Reframe On Pricing in a World of $100k Coaching Programs

So I wrote a whole long article about my history in business, how and why I’ve invested more than $250,000 in my own business education and apparently it didn’t save before my computer rebooted on its own in the middle of the night. Argh.

This morning, I wrote the whole thing out for you again. And then decided to cut all of it (if you want to hear my story, let Laura know and maybe we can do an interview or something) and just get right to the point.

Bottom line …

I’ve invested nearly $250,000 in my business education over the past 6 years. I’ve leveraged that investment into revenue of more than $6,000,000.

And the best thing I learned after all that, is figure out how little you can charge and build your business from that perspective.

Now, that might sound like crazy advice in a world of $100,000 coaching/mastermind programs (which, by the way, I have invested in and would very likely NOT recommend for you), but it’s the truth. When you figure out what the least you can make is to support a lifestyle in which you can be happy, you can begin to take money and the deeply ingrained (sometimes hard to see) motivation for more, more, more (which is never fulfilled) out of the equation and off the table.

When you come into the relationship with money from a place of truth, honesty, and awareness (which very few people have, but you can), you begin to experience it the same way you experience fuel for your car. If you get low, you do not freak out, stress out, or worry; you drive to the gas station and refill the tank.

Imagine, if your relationship with money was just like that.

How would that shift the way you are in the world? How would it shift your decision-making? How would it change how and what you are doing on a day to day basis?

Feel into that now and then begin to take the steps necessary to live from that place instead of from a place of fear about running out or losing what you have.

Okay, so how do you do it?

  1. You get more honest and clear than you have ever been about how much money you really need to earn each revenue generating hour you work to meet your minimum level of happiness in your life. You look at the real resources you have at your disposal, taking into account that most of what you have learned about saving money, investing, retirement and using credit/debt is bunk when it comes to living a life of freedom.
  2. You price and package your services in such a way that you are able to earn that revenue without charging hourly again, EVER! Instead, you create packages and even multiple streams of revenue, so you are not depending on one single source of income ever again.
  3. You build your calendar around the life you want to have first, then around the marketing you have to do to offer the number of packages you have available based on your minimum to be happy plan, and then you build a support team (both at home and in your business) around all of that.

Now you might be saying … “yeah, but Alexis, when will I ever get to have the fancy cars, the first class travel, and the big house? I don’t want to just have the minimum I need to be happy. I want more.”

Yes, of course you do. We all want more. And more will come when you release your attachment to that and begin to put service, love and a focus on what you want to be doing and how you want to be doing it and who you want to be doing it with first.

Build your business from that place and you’ll have more abundance and prosperity than you can imagine. Put money first and it will never be enough.

So, shift your perspective – instead of asking how can I make more money, ask what’s the least I can charge. And start building a business around what you really love to do, who you really love and how you really love to show up – say no to everything else because you never need to do anything again, because you need the money.

See what happens.

And then come back and tell us.

If you’d like more of this, I had a candid conversation with Jonathan Fields (who called me a Bohemian Entrepreneur Savant) about this topic and a whole lot more last night including the Money Map program that begins next week. The Money Map to Freedom, ironically guides you step by step to take money out of the equation and really build a sustainable, profitable business model based on what you really want.

You can register to get the recording of my interview with Jonathan here and while you are there submit any questions you might have that I can answer in a future interview.

And if you are interested in the Money Map, you can check that out here.

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  1. Hi Alexis!

    Sorry you lost your original article. This is my request to Laura to do an interview with you so we can hear your story. I’ve caught bits and pieces of it via your venues online but it would great to hear you tell it.

    I’ve got a similar story. Your MO resonates with me strongly. I too am a practicing attorney turned entrepreneur (we should start a club there is so many of us), and I couldn’t agree more about your assertions about money, lifestyle design, and building a business that fits your life instead of vice versa.

    Thank you for the confirmation and continued encouragement! Rock on Alexis and friends.

  2. So funny, I’d never thought about it this way before–as having chosen what the least was I could charge–but that’s exactly what happened to me before my practice started making money that allowed me to do it full time. I was at, as my friend Danielle calls it, my f’it moment. I didn’t have any clients; prospective clients–to whom I was offering free consultations–were whining about how they couldn’t afford me. Going back to a firm or the government felt like a fate worse than death to me. And in my yoga class in that moment, it dawned on me, I didn’t have to make what I thought I should charge . . .yet. . .I only needed to charge what would earn me more than working for someone else. And in the economy in late 2009, that wasn’t much. I slashed my fees in half for a month and said, this is make or break. And it launched my practice.

    Brava, Alexis, for articulating this and putting it out there.

  3. YES! YES! As soon as I changed my mindset around money, I became easer to find ways to get more and in ways that made me extremely happy.

    No more doing crap that I hated that I knew would pay a quick buck. I’ve now built a business, completely rebuilt that business, and LOVE waking up to do what I do. I help others reach their thriving destination and hang with my family all day. Not bad.

    I’m with Marlee. I’d love to see an interview too.

  4. Im the person who leverage the most out of my business. My clients are the backbone to my world, they continue to come back for more service which gives me an steady flow of income..plus my brand gets out there more so I’m gain more clients each month. This is the power of growing your presents.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  5. Great advice as always Alexis! And you’ll be so proud of me. I got TWO year-at-a-glance calendars! One at the office for marketing plans, and all the employees vacations, etc., and one at home for our lives and our home-based businesses. Thanks again for everything!



  6. Wow, Alexis, way to turn some predominant pricing theory on its head! And I love it! You are spot on in your perspectives about how our desperate, clinging desire for “more, more, more” actually prevents us from bringing the money we desire to us. I think many of us have been sold a bill of good by society/media/”marketing gurus” who say we have to make a million a year and charge ridiculous prices to be “successful.” We can reframe what “success” means to us, and then we can actually start moving toward it. For most of us, that success is much more about the things that matter most (having time for family, friends, enjoying good health and peace of mind, etc.) than the money. We can price intelligently and still set our prices with clear motivations and intentions. Excellent post!

  7. Julie Halsey says:

    I love your refreshing and no hype perspective! I am changing my belief about success from $ goals to how good I feel every day and how much value I deliver. I am learning to drop my “freak out” mindset if the $ isn’t coming in. This has been a big shift for me as I moved from employee to self employed. However, I got caught up in the hype of the Internet guru world and now realizing that mode doesn’t work for me as I saw what goes on with the hype of those $100k programs. Thank you for a realistic and refreshing approach!

  8. darling, yes yes yes! Brilliant post.

    And, if I am may be bold, can we go one step further – why do we want the fancy bigness (plane, car, trips, clothes, etc.) – can we start, gently, to question that, too? Because from a global perspective, our greed cancels out the good we are doing – but no more. So let create lives of beauty and meaning and enoughness and stop the more more more. I love the tone you are striking and look forward to learning more from you!

  9. Oh yay, you guys are commenting, discussing and growing!

    @jen – yes, it’s time to begin to ask ourselves WHY we want the fancy bigness. Where does that want come from? And is it real and true?

    @kirin – I AM so proud of you!

    Laura – sounds like an interview may be in order. Let’s set it up to take questions in advance. Let me know when you have time and we’ll get it set up.

    You all rock.


  10. Wise advice, thank you Alexis. I like particularly the advice to get right away from charging by the hour, developing packages and multiple streams of income. As well as helping us not have to depend on one stream of income that helps us not to be needy with individual clients. Of course we want to keep our clients (except of course those where there is a bad fit and it’s better for everyone if they go elsewhere), but it is not good for client or coach for us to feel dependent on any one client or even group of clients. For one thing, we could be constrained from saying the tough things that they/we need to hear from time to time, for fear they will go away.

  11. I would love to listen to your interview with Jonathan Fields, but both links take me to your MMTF sales page. Where is the interview?

  12. Instead, you create packages and even multiple streams of revenue, so you are not depending on one single source of income ever again.

    Think how much better off people would be in this economy if they hadn’t had all their eggs in one basket!

  13. Love what you are sharing here Alexis! When I first started out my own business, I was completely obsessed and stressed over money and how I was going to get it. When I realized how completely useless that kind of thinking was, and started focusing on doing what I loved and what felt right in my heart, a huge weight lifted. Not only was I feeling happier and so motivated, the money I needed was coming in. What a wonderful feeling of freedom!

  14. Alexis, thanks for your clear thinking and wisdom about working within your own psychological and spiritual zones, rather than insanely going for ‘more.. more.. more..’ till inevitable early death. The least you can charge is also the beginning of the marketing funnel. Service must come before joy. Then the joy is earned and feels better! Yay..