Why Your Video Shouldn’t Look Like a Hollywood Production – Go Have Fun Creating Video

I’m sure you have noticed that video is everywhere and it’s hot. YouTube is now one of the largest search engines in its own right. The benefits of video can be great for business whether you are a solopreneur or company of any size.

These benefits range from increased brand awareness, improved keyword and search engine rankings to better customer engagement and increased sales conversions.

It can be a bit intimidating getting started creating your own videos, though it doesn’t have to be. The technology has advanced significantly as has ease of use; and costs have gone down dramatically. Take for example, the Flip camera, which at $99 is designed to take video, plug directly into your computer and post your videos to YouTube in one click.

What has also changed is the style of videos; You Tube videos are often more relaxed and spontaneous- or at least that is how they appear. There is still a place for high production, Hollywood or Madison Avenue quality videos, ones that require a team that includes lighting, hair and make up, as well as wardrobe. For most of us nowadays, that is not a standard we need to adhere to.

One of the biggest benefits of video is its ability to engage with your audience – prospects and clients alike. Even if you are only the narrator, without appearing on camera, the video creates the illusion of being in the same room with a presenter, even though people know you are actually on film or tape. It still provides the feeling that they are interacting with you personally. The real you. Being real and natural is a great way to engender trust, which helps convert prospects into clients.

What’s most engaging about video today are the spontaneous moments caught on tape or the impromptu video messages that businesses are creating to communicate with their audience. It’s easy to relate to the person sitting behind a messy desk, clearly not tidied up for the camera, more so than the star with perfect makeup and hair. It also lends a feeling of being invited into their home or behind the curtain in their business; something usually reserved for friends and family. Yet one more reason to make you feel like you ‘know’ the presenter.

People like to do business with people they know and like. Feeling like they have spent time with you in your office, even if in reality they are halfway around the globe, is a genuine bonding experience.

The main requirement for your videos is the real authentic you. Quality still counts. At the movies you still expect to see Hollywood production values. When people come to your website or YouTube video, they have become accustomed to a different production style. They are more focused on the content and message then the slick/perfection of it.

It is estimated that about 30% of Internet traffic is based on people viewing videos. It’s often an audience you might not otherwise be able to get in front of, as well as one of the most affordable, effective forms of marketing available today. Go have some fun creating videos; we’ll leave production perfection to the Hollywood studios.

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Jane Tabachnick is an entrepreneur, marketing coach and product launch manager. Recently named one of the top most influential people online by Fast Company, Jane helps businesses create buzz and grow exponentially. She is the author of the Easy Video Creation Toolkit www.easyvideocreation.com


  1. Jane I keep my videos as natural as possible..people don’t want to see TV type commercial..they want to see an real person talking about real things..

    BTW Laura..Can you can contact me on my contact page..Its very important..I need your help…

    Also nice interview with Andrew from Mixergy..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

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