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How To Get People To Actually Read Your Blog

I’ve seen it on the web and when I do, I cringe. Large paragraphs of black and white text followed by another large paragraph of black and white text, followed by another….well, you get the point.  :) I’ve been helping a number of clients with their blogs lately and one thing that has come up… [Read More]

Digg It

Do you know about Digg? It’s basically the number one traffic machine of the internet. It’s a collection of user-submitted links that get voted up or down by users, and hitting the front page means hundreds of thousands of eyeballs as well as tons of new backlinks (important for search engine optimization) to your website. Hitting… [Read More]

The Facebook Divide: How To Untangle Your Business from Your Personal Life Once And For All

If you’ve been trying to use facebook to promote your business with meager or zero results – listen up – this free webinar is for you. Facebook just introduced some improvements to “pages” (formerly known as “fan pages”) that are GAME-CHANGING for business. These changes allow you to post as your business all over facebook… [Read More]

Three Lessons I Learned from Moving Abroad that Can Help Any Entrepreneur

Four years ago, my boyfriend and I packed all of our possessions in our car and drove from London, England to Barcelona, Spain, leaving behind our jobs, friends and family. We didn’t know a soul in the city and neither of us had jobs, but we were hungry for adventure and in search of better… [Read More]

How Idealism Can Boost Your Bottom Line

  Image by Photography_Gal If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve always got an eye out, scanning the skies for ways to increase your profits. Idealism is probably not smack dab in the middle of your sights. It may not even be on your radar. Well, it’s time to put in a call to Air Traffic… [Read More]

Track It with Google Analytics

Tracking your stats might not be very glamorous but it’s fundamentally important to your business. If you have not yet installed Google Analytics on your site do not hesitate, do not pass go, do not make a single move until you take the time to do so. It’s a free service from Google that tracks… [Read More]

7 Ways to Show Your Business Some Love

When you’re running your own business, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day running of it. As time goes by, you evolve, and so does your business. Unless you set some time aside to work on refreshing what represents your business – like your web site, your communication pieces, and your… [Read More]

Google Yourself

What is googling yourself? Don’t worry, it’s nothing naughty! I just mean searching your full name in google to see what comes up. A lot of people seem to feel silly about googling themselves but it’s actually really important to your business! What you find is what potential customers see when they search for you…. [Read More]

From Frustrated Entrepreneur to Thriving Business: Finding your Why? What? How? and Who?

Almost anyone can develop a great idea, few can turn that idea into a successful and sustainable business. The line between a great idea and a great business can be clear in some instances and blurred in others. Typically though it comes down to four fundamental questions. What? Why? How? and Who? The Why? Why… [Read More]