The Facebook Divide: How To Untangle Your Business from Your Personal Life Once And For All

If you’ve been trying to use facebook to promote your business with meager or zero results – listen up – this free webinar is for you.

Facebook just introduced some improvements to “pages” (formerly known as “fan pages”) that are GAME-CHANGING for business. These changes allow you to post as your business all over facebook – including wall posts, photo comments, and more.

Finally, you have the ability to untangle your personal profile from your “business life” on facebook. On this free webinar you’ll learn how to interact on facebook as your business and leave your profile just for friends and family.

These changes are CRUCIAL to successful facebook marketing and I don’t want you to get left in the dark.

In this completely FREE one hour video you’ll learn:

  • Why your facebook page will look totally different (whether you’re ready or not!) on March 1, 2011 and how to leverage these changes
  • How to completely separate your business life from your personal life on facebook (finally!)
  • The truth about if you’re allowed to promote your business on facebook WITHOUT ponying up for advertising
  • The groundbreaking new “off-page” way to market on facebook
  • The bottom line on pages versus profiles versus groups and which one is the MOST effective for promoting a business

You’ll also learn more about my in-depth online seminar Zero to Facebook.

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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. Trevor Bauknight says:

    Facebook doesn’t make this easy.

    We merged our Place with our Page a few weeks ago, and losing all of our old events and photos was bad, but losing our username was worse. The username “sumtergallery” that I set up to point to our gallery – The Sumter County Gallery of Art in South Carolina – now points to my personal FB page. Attempting to change the Gallery’s username results in being informed that the name is not available, of course, and since FB doesn’t even HAVE a customer service department, I can only hope to embarrass publicly someone there into fixing it at this point. And I’ve tried that for about three weeks, including filing a complaint at Trust-E, whose badges Facebook emblazons on its product. Still no word. Welcome to my campaign :-) (I am, through my ad campaign, a paying customer of Facebook, as well).

    Just saying, it’s a hard row to hoe if you have a problem of any kind, and printing your Facebook username on your printed material only to have it redirect to the personal page of the employee that set it up is just maddening. Caveat emptor.

    • I concur. I lost my fan page altogether. It is still out there somewhere and I can see it but I am told it doesn’t exist and I have no way of editing. If I set up a new one, there will be two, only adding to the confuion. Still trying to get it all straightened out. Of course, FB form reply does nothing to really help. Am keeping a positive attitude and will continue in the repair myself, but it is a lot of time I could be spending productively elsewhere.

  2. Trevor Bauknight says:

    Quick update: The matter is resolved. I received a curt e-mail on Friday saying the problem had been fixed. It had not. I responded to the gentleman and CC’ed the [email protected] address in my response, letting him know it was not fixed. At some point between then and Monday morning, the issue was fixed, and I was informed by e-mail by Reggie at Facebook. I thanked him and CC’ed my response to Trust-E.

    For now, barring the implementation of actual customer service at Facebook, I recommend figuring out how your Facebook problem involves privacy, create a complaint ticket at Trust-e ( and I’d give it 10 business days or so. You should hear from someone internal to Facebook.

    This is not how it should work…

  3. Matthew Magain says:

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