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Track Down Your “Fame Friends”

A core component of my Creating Fame strategy is getting press online. But how do you know what kind of websites are looking to feature people like you? First, you need to find some “Fame Friends”. These are people/businesses who share an audience with you and would therefore be featured in same types of places… [Read More]

How We Balance Two Online Businesses, A Full Time Job, Two Kids And A Blog Without Killing Ourselves

Family has always been the single most important aspect of our lives for my wife and I, even before we decided to start a family. And as a result, almost every major decision that we’ve made has revolved around tailoring our lifestyles and our priorities to spend more time with the people that we care… [Read More]

9,749 People Typed My Name Into Google In 2010 (And Those Are Just The Ones That Spelled It Right)

In 2010, over nine thousand people looked up my name on google and clicked on my website. You can have this too. I started out with nothing, and built this for myself in less than two years. Fill out the form below to sign up for the online seminar: “The Three Steps To Becoming Well-Known… [Read More]

The Sneaky Trick to Score National Press Using your Blog

It happens every day. You peel open the pages of your favorite magazine and “wham!” Your competitor is staring at you from those glossy pages like a smack in the face. So how do YOU score national press coverage just like your competition in magazines, newspapers, radio or TV shows? Hint: it has to do… [Read More]

Welcome Your Fans

It sounds simple, but a good old fashioned “thank you” is one of the most effective strategies from the Creating Fame program. The people who “like” your page, retweet your tweets or comment on your blog have taken time out of their day to interact with you, and they LOVE to hear that you appreciate it!So… [Read More]

Abracadabra! How to Get Everything Done In Your Business and Still Have Time to Live Your Life

Let’s face it, as entrepreneurs, we’ve all raised our hands and opted into a life of workaholism. Not only do we put in long hours with our clients, creating products, attending networking events and conferences and sorting through piles of paperwork that flow our way, we also spend nearly every waking moment thinking about our… [Read More]

Make Your Site “Click Bait”

Quick: search for your website in google. See that text that comes up below the underlined link? That’s called your “meta description” and it’s prime real estate for making your website “click bait” in google’s search results! The meta description is often thought of as just another boring step in a search engine optimization checklist… [Read More]

What To Do Before Starting a New Blog: A Pre-Launch Checklist

So you’ve decided to launch a new blog. Congratulations! You’ve come up with a great title, found an attractive layout and maybe even brainstormed some blog post topics. Unfortunately, your work has only just begun. Blogging is an ongoing commitment that requires planning to achieve the traffic and attention your content deserves. Before you make… [Read More]

How To Let Users Upload Their Own Photos And Videos To Your Facebook Page

Transcript: [0:00:00] Hi. This is Laura Roeder of And today I’m showing you how to enable the people that like your page to post their own photos and videos on your page or not. So how to control if your fans or your liker’s can post their own photos and videos on your Facebook… [Read More]