Why Your Wardrobe is Critical To Your Business

As the responsible entrepreneur you are, I know you’ve worked your butt off to ensure that your business has the best possible chance at success.

Killer website design – check!
Creating consistent mind-blowing content – check!
A member of The Dash community – check!
A closet full of clothes that accurately reflect who you are – check…right?

If you weren’t able to answer yes to the last one, then chances are you’re missing out on a very important piece to your business success puzzle. Here’s why.

“when you look good you feel good…”

A major part of being a star entrepreneur is taking care of your biggest asset…YOU!
So if you’ve taken the steps to eat better and get more exercise but you’ve never considered the state of your closet or personal style, then you haven’t really taken a look at the big picture in its entirety. When you look good you feel good, and as the CEO of making your dreams come true inc., it’s important that you feel good. A great outfit can do wonders to your self-esteem and the way you carry yourself. It will make you feel more alive and more in control.

Now, I know that one of the biggest perks about working from home, is that we have the luxury to work from our bed and sometimes even in our underwear, if we wanted. On a cold rainy day, I’m all for that, but to make it a part of your daily routine will definitely decrease your energy level and leave you feeling blah in no time.

“when you feel better we just happen to do better…”

There’s a reason we’re all on the lookout to feel warm & fuzzy all the time… when we feel better we just happen to do better! It’s not just that we get things done; we get them done with more bad-ass-ness than usual!

We feel more confident so we’re more likely to take more risks. We feel more in control so we’re less likely to let a couple of bumps in the road slow us down. We feel more alive so we inject more passion into our writing.

The psychology behind it really is incredible. This is exactly why companies enforce uniform & dress code rules. They understand the type of impact it will have on the performance of their employees, which in turn always affects their customer and ultimately the success of their business.

“…you & your message represent your brand and if you misrepresent yourself you’re misrepresenting your brand.”

Since you’ve most likely centered your business & brand to reflect you, it would only make sense to do the exact same thing with the clothes on your back. Imagine meeting your favorite vegan nutritionist mentor for the first time and seeing him/her in a leather jacket or the latest leather Chanel handbag. You’d be mortified and never trust that person or their business again, right?

There’s a reason why I’ve been hired by companies like Panasonic, Cheerios and Johnson & Johnson in order to help ensure that their image is reflected accurately to their customers. They understand the importance of a strong brand image and the ability to remain consistent with it.

So, what does the way you dress say about you and your business?

I know a lot of us haven’t really ever considered the question, but whether you think about it or not, every time you get dressed, you’re sending a message to the world and to your clients about who you are. So be sure to invest the time, energy and money in it now and be in complete control of your message. Remember, style is not just a luxury people, it’s the visual declaration of who you are in this world!

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Elsa Isaac is a fashion-forward transplant from Eritrea, East Africa and the style guru to the stars. After graduating with a fashion marketing degree from Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada), the enterprising Ms. Isaac immediately landed key styling gigs in the music world, prepping musicians for their videos. Now a consummate New Yorker, Elsa Isaac has styled shoots for such world famous companies as Panasonic, and household-name publications as Essence, Redbook, and Good Housekeeping Magazine. She has also styled A-list celebrities, including Bill Cosby, Lenny Kravitz & Elizabeth Gilbert, and is the visionary Founder/Owner of StyleSense - where she helps women all over the world unveil their true sense of style!


  1. I notice that I’m a bit more productive when I make a point of getting dressed doing my hair and putting make-up on even if I’m not going anywhere.

    • hey Brandi!
      me too! a little goes a long way. i think many of us underestimate the power of clothing & looking our best.
      thanks for reading :)

  2. Elsa, I totally love this line ” Remember, style is not just a luxury people, it’s the visual declaration of who you are in this world!”

    For a while I was more concerned with how my body looked, being in great shape since I’m in health and fitness. And would still rock ratty t’s, tanks w/ yellow armpits or the same old ass gym clothes I’ve been rockin’ forever. Recently I decided to buck up and grab a few beautiful items from Lucy and Lululemon and you’re right-you feel better when you look better. It doesn’t hurt that they’re two excellent companies with messages I can totally get behind.

    Thanks for this post, love it!

    • i can’t even imagine you hiding that amazing body of yours Liz, in ratty t’s & pit stained tanks. so i’m happy to hear that you’ve stepped it up and avoided an intervention ;)

  3. Great post Elsa!! I know I need to put my yoga pants away more and actually wear nicer clothes when I work. It does start to get to you! And it’s so true, if you’re not feeling your best, you will not perform your best. Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Elsa this is a fabulous post, I love it and is sooo timely given that I am about to clean out my wardrobe and get ready for spring. Thank you for the reminder, love it!!

  5. It would be wonderful to live in a world where appearances don’t matter but this is not that world. We have mere seconds to impress and what we wear makes all the difference.

    • I’m happy that we live in a world where appearances matter!

      Mostly because it gives me an unfair advantage… ;)

  6. A very good point about what you look like to the rest of the world and particularly on your website and it’s definitely something that has been blocking me from making the teaching video’s I know I want to. The trouble is I couldn’t possibly afford a consultant such as you Elsa to advise me so where can I get help on what to wear and what to aim for without it costing loads?
    Also if you are not sure about your own true identity right now or at least unsure of what you want to declare yourself to be then it seems like quite a task.

    • hi Pete!
      i really loved when you wrote ‘…it’s definitely something that has been blocking me making the video teaching video’s i know i want to.’ because SOOO many others feel exactly the same way you do, and they end up holding themselves back from the brilliance they could be sharing with the rest of the world. i’ve been there myself.
      this is one of the big reasons i really wanted to work with entrepreneurs. i didn’t want the frustration of not knowing how to develop your personal style get in the way of being the very best at what you do.
      my virtual styling services are affordable. please shoot me an email Pete, i’d love to chat: info[@]elsaisaac.com :)

  7. Love this… when I decided I wanted to take my biz to the next level a couple of years ago my coach at the time essentially said to me (intended with love of course) “tina, you are going to have to upgrade your image.” and so I did… new haircut, cool clothes, etc. And I tell ya, it’s awesome to feel like i look my best when i walk into a room.

    This is also why I never work in my pajamas at home – never have. Even though i’ve worked from home for over 10 years now I always get up, shower, etc before starting my work. Even though people can’t see me it makes a difference in how seriously I take myself.

    • ‘even though people can’t see me it makes a difference in how seriously i take myself.’
      BINGO Tina! i couldn’t have said it better myself.
      and congratulations on never working in your pajamas from home!
      that speaks volumes on the level of care you have for all that you do.
      thanks for reading :)