Archives for June 2011

Twitter Marketing For the Solopreneur

Should your twitter handle be your name or your company’s name? Logo or your face for the picture? Should you speak as your company or yourself? And how exactly does one get clients from twitter anyway? These questions are especially challenging for the one-man-show who is toeing the line between “business” and “personal”. That’s why… [Read More]

The Healthy, Hydrated Hustler: 5 Systems to Keep Yourself in Peak Form Without Even Thinking About It

There are heaps of health and energy tips out there, but most of them seem like they were written by Captain Obvious: “drink plenty of water”, “get plenty of rest”, “eat right” and “exercise”. Gee, thanks. As business owners it’s important to think like a professional athlete: we need keep our bodies in peak form… [Read More]

How to better connect while blog hopping

Commenting on a blog is a great way to make yourself part of a community, and to get noticed by that blog’s author and readers. And it is much easier to remember who you are when there’s the instant visual recognition of a photo AND it makes people feel like they know you better. Have… [Read More]

Local SEO: Three Keys to Getting Your Business Found Online

If you are a small business, I’m here to remind you why you care about your online presence: You want to be found by potential customers. Most small business owners get this.  What they don’t get, is what they have to do in order to make it a reality.  This is where they get lost… [Read More]

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Brand Their Businesses

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, when someone asks you about your brand you immediately start describing your logo or your website. You spent a lot of money to have your logo and website professionally designed. They look fantastic. Unfortunately, they aren’t helping you to attract more clients and make more money. Here’s why. Your logo… [Read More]

Double Double Your Profits – with Laura Roeder & Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold has personally taught me the principles that allowed me to double my business from 2009 to 2010, and then again already just halfway through the year in 2011. His new book, Double Double is my business bible, in fact my entire team is currently going through it chapter-by-chapter to put Cameron’s guidance in… [Read More]

Simple Word Tweaks that Make Your Company Sound Amazing

“Sandwich Artists” How you describe your product, business, and employees is how customers will treat you. For example Subway calls their employees “Sandwich Artists”. The word “Artist” significantly changes my perception of the sandwich I am receiving… I no longer feel that I’m eating something that has been re-heated. It is sandwich that has been… [Read More]