Simple Word Tweaks that Make Your Company Sound Amazing

“Sandwich Artists”

How you describe your product, business, and employees is how customers will treat you. For example Subway calls their employees “Sandwich Artists”. The word “Artist” significantly changes my perception of the sandwich I am receiving… I no longer feel that I’m eating something that has been re-heated. It is sandwich that has been perfectly crafted for me.

Apple’s “Genius” Bar

Apple is another company that does a great job. In every Apple store there is a “Genius Bar”. They could have easily called this “Tech Support” but they decided not to. When I think about the words “Tech Support” I usually think of unhelpful frustrating call centers. With the words “Genius Bar” I don’t feel bad waiting up to an hour to meet with a “Genius”.

The “Smart” Car

How you name your product can go a long way as well. For example let’s think about the “Smart Car”. The tiny and efficient Smart Car launched (1998) at a time when gas was cheap and  SUV’s were the must-have car. By calling their car “Smart” they were able to brand themselves as a “Smart” choice and automatically neglect any naysay over not wanting a big SUV car.

Quick Tips on How to Sound Amazing

1. Don’t use terms that already have a negative connotation to them. For example phrases like call center, sales person, or bulk mail. Use your gut instincts here if you don’t like the way it makes you feel, don’t use it.
2. Use action words that prompt your customers to do feel something. For example use the word “Win” instead of “Contest” if you are running a promotion.
3. Use words that strike an emotion. Here are a few examples:

  • Geek Squad” – I want a nerd fixing my computer, they know what they are doing
  • Vitamin Water” – I want to be healthier
  • “AquaFresh” – I want my mouth to feel fresh after brushing my teeth

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  1. Great article and something I’d not thought about. Now I just need to think of a smart word substitute for “blogger”.

  2. Hi Eva – Thanks for the compliment. I checked out your blog (which is awesome by the way). How about “Animal Help Expert” ?

    • You’re welcome, Rishi, and thank you.. for checking out my blog and your kind words. I don’t think I’d feel quite right calling myself an “animal help expert”, but it definitely feels wonderful that, from just looking at my website, you feel that I could call myself so. You’ve given me a lot to ponder.. thank you!

  3. Enjoyed your article, very interesting idea. I have racked my brain for an awesome name. Just cannot come up with anything just yet. Maybe after reading a few of your newsletters I’ll come up with a brilliant name. Your suggestions are welcome.

    • Hey Barb – Thanks for the comment. I checked out your blog (Sweepstakes Blogger). For starters your blog looks very spammy. I suggest removing the left banner ad, adding a few more blog posts, adding a logo, and a picture of yourself to establish more credibility. Once you change those reply to one of my newsletters and we will figure out an amazing name for you together.

  4. Excellent topic. I really love ur name “Flying Cart”. Not only gives me the impression that it is simple but fun as well. Thank u for the tweaking inspiration! U definitely have me thinking about some creative options to work on.

  5. True, names of business ventures and names of our products matters a lot. While many of us get serious with some really serious names some gives funny and humorous names which even attracts more attention. So either ways people judge our products just by hearing the names of the products.