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If Facebook Were Gone Tomorrow…

Putting your eggs in one basket is a risky move. Putting your business marketing efforts into one network that you hold no control over is riskier. You must create your own social network of fans and connections with your brand. Social networking was created to help you share, connect and converse. Think of using your… [Read More]

How To Get Your Name and Message In Front of Thousands of New People

Check out how my site got hit with a burst of traffic all originating from ONE social media message on twitter that was spread over and over again. When I say that social media marketing is easy this is what I mean – it doesn’t have to be difficult to gain a following. This sort… [Read More]

5 Internet Marketing Techniques All Small Business Owners Should be Doing

Cyber world is indeed a magic land that can do wonders for your wholesale business. Unfortunately though, this magic land does not offer you a magic wand that you can wave and turn your business into a success story. However, there are some tried and true marketing techniques and strategies that can help you get… [Read More]

Social Media Marketing – What Every Business Owner Needs To Know

In this video you’ll learn… Where you should always drive traffic What would happen if Twitter went away tomorrow What Laura calls your “marketing goldmine” Transcript: Hey, I’m Laura Roeder. I have a quick social media marketing tip for you to use for your small business. Always, always, always drive people from social media back… [Read More]

How to Work with a Writing Coach to Grow Your Business

I believe it is safe to assume that if you are reading this blog, you are an entrepreneur (or an aspiring entrepreneur) who is using the web to sell products and services, promote relationship with your customers and establish your expertise. But whatever your business is – personal chef, acupuncturist or digital marketer – you… [Read More]

Will Blog For Leads: My Search Strategy

Curious about exactly how I drive traffic to my website? Where my traffic comes from? And how SEO (search engine optimization) comes into the picture? Then you MUST sign up for this webinar. I’m taking you behind the scenes (and into my google analytics account) to reveal my personal SEO strategy. This is how I… [Read More]

How To Create An E-Course On A Budget

Before we dive into this, let’s define “on a budget”. It means you have some money to spend but not a whole heap. For what I will tell you now you’ll probably need around $300. Some would argue that this is not “on a budget” while others can sniff a cheapskate scam here, right? I… [Read More]