If Facebook Were Gone Tomorrow…

Putting your eggs in one basket is a risky move. Putting your business marketing efforts into one network that you hold no control over is riskier.

You must create your own social network of fans and connections with your brand. Social networking was created to help you share, connect and converse. Think of using your website the same way.

Your website allows you to bring all your connections to one place. You website is Your Social Network. You just don’t need $100K to start it.

We know how quickly the latest trend can switch to the newest has been. This is why it is important to create your social network.

Benefits of using your website to create a social network:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Grow email list and increase sales
  • Help build an audience and following
  • Position yourself as an expert in your niche

Here are some ways you can turn your website into a social network:

Increase your groupies with social sharing

People are now accustomed to looking for those key social sharing buttons when they read something they like or something that helped them! Don’t be left in the dust by not having this simple feature loaded to your website. Facebook gives you all the tools you need when you are connecting on its platform. Make sure you give your readers the same! Installing this feature on your site will help attract a new set of members for your network.

Build your list to build your network.

Send your fans, followers and friends to a sign-up page on your website. You can set up a separate page or a squeeze page on your website that snags their email addresses in exchange for your big banana freebie. Adding your connections from your social networks will help bring them to one place: your social network.

Call to Action

We know that an important step in marketing is creating that “Call to Action” to direct your buyers to the next step in the process. You can use your call to build your network. When you send out your weekly email message to your list, direct them to what you would like them to do next. Ask them to share with friends that could benefit from the information, have them leave comments on your blog, or encourage them to like, tweet, share with their social networks to bring their friends to the party. When you provide unique information that has helped them, they will in turn help you — just be sure to ask!

Conversations with Comments

Comments are not only a great way to receive feedback on your content and to hear from your readers, but are also a great way to build your network with conversations!  Social conversations are a huge part of social media. Use your comment sections to allow your followers and readers connect with each other.

When you create your own social network, you become a community leader.  I invite you to join my social network!


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Alicia RittenhouseAlicia Rittenhouse is the Geek Goddess of Online Empires. After five years of success as a virtual assistant, she is now the media-maven who women entrepreneurs have manage their online empires while growing their online presence using savvy marketing tactics. Alicia lives in a smaller town in Ohio but has reached entrepreneurs all over the world with her weekly social media and online presence tips.


  1. Amy Putkonen says:

    Love your title, Alicia! Geek Goddess! That is great. I often think that our entire internet is really such a fragile thing. One giant magnetic pulse in our galaxy and we’re done with all that anyways! I have no idea even how to grow my own vegetables so I guess if that day comes, there’s a lot of us in trouble and life without FB would just pale in comparison. Have a great week!

  2. its just like everything else you have to stay on top of all the trends or you will be playing catch up in the end

  3. Lola Emde says:

    Thank you for making this website so easy to find info. good stuff. Saving this one for later.

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