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The Online Party That Cannot Be Missed

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Creating An Info Product? 4 Things Your Should Never Leave Out!

I find product creation to be the most dreadful process I’ve ever encountered as an entrepreneur; but it must be done. In fact, if you don’t have anything to sell, you can’t make much money. My internet business, the same goes for some of my blogging buddies, makes money from selling information products. Why info… [Read More]

A New Trick for Creating Fame: The Business Demo Reel

Watch the video to see my ol ‘hood, the Venice Canals and learn how to use a demo reel to sit pretty and get the customers to come to you! You heard what to do in the video, leave a comment with your business demo reel! Mentioned in this video: How to Edit And Upload… [Read More]

Want to Know What’s Really Going on With Your Business? Take a Look at Your Office!

Do you have a co-worker or colleague who may have the best intentions, but can’t find their way out of the stacks of papers on their desk?  Or perhaps you find that you just don’t enjoy being in your office for some reason.  Your office is an outward manifestation of what’s really going on with… [Read More]

If LinkedIn’s For Business, Where Are All The Leads?

LinkedIn is the ONLY major social network devoted solely to business use. Then how come so many entrepreneurs have LinkedIn profiles that are doing ZILCH for their business?? I think it’s because so few people have learned how to properly use LinkedIn to bring in leads. I know I’ve been guilty of passing over LinkedIn… [Read More]

Make These Small Tweaks To Your Site And Immediately Bump Up Your Opt-In Rate

Watch Derek Halpern of Social Triggers give me the low down on my site. Derek is genius at “knowing what makes people tick online”. Here he gives me the skinny on things I can do better on my site to capture more leads, more sales and make the experience for you, the reader, just plain… [Read More]

Dirty Little Secrets to Seducing Customers with Copy

When getting ready to launch a new product or service, you’re probably falling off your chair with anticipation to share all of its goodness with the world. The problem? You’d rather watch paint dry than sit and write about features, benefits, or any other marketing gobbledygook the experts claim you need to share. So, you… [Read More]

Creating Fans Out of Thin Air

In this screencast video you’ll learn: How to get your first testimonials without devaluing your services by giving it all away for free How to create a free get-the-job-done website in five minutes My “ninja move” for getting fantastic market research out of this process How to use social media to generate buzz about you… [Read More]

My Take On Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer (Video Review)

The program is now back on the market, click here for full info. Transcript: Hey there. I’m Laura Roeder and I’m coming at you today with a review of Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer Program. So this is a program that I joined a few months ago. I saw that he is rereleasing it. I figure people will… [Read More]

Creating Systems to Grow Your Business

Creating systems allows you to automate many aspects of your online business giving you more time to focus on more important things – like marketing, networking and getting clients. Unfortunately, not many solopreneurs or small business owners know where to start with getting their systems set up. And that’s OK, the important thing is to… [Read More]