Creating An Info Product? 4 Things Your Should Never Leave Out!

I find product creation to be the most dreadful process I’ve ever encountered as an entrepreneur; but it must be done. In fact, if you don’t have anything to sell, you can’t make much money.

My internet business, the same goes for some of my blogging buddies, makes money from selling information products. Why info products? Well, they’re free to create, and there’s no inventory to manage because it’s all digital – if you decide to keep it all digital of course.

I’ve learned quite a few things while going through the product creation process that I hate so much. These are the 4 things you should never leave out of your information products.

Don’t Forget The Introduction…

Before you blow your customers away with insane amounts of value, introduce them to your product and all its benefits. No matter what market you sell to, you’ll always find yourself with two types of customers. The first type are those who make a very informed decision about whether or not to buy your product. The other type are those who buy on impulse.

The introduction should restate what they’ll find inside your product and exactly how it’s going to help them. This reinforces the decision they made to buy. Whether they bought on impulse or logic, both customers will feel good about making that decision and it will reduce the chances of them asking for a refund.

Make It Easy To Consume…

Whether you’re creating an ebook, audio program, video course or a multimedia membership site, breaking your content up into chunks of information is a smart thing to do. In ebooks, these chunks of information are called chapters. In audio and video programs they’re called modules.

I also recommend that these chapters and modules are designed to be consumed one after the other. So your customer will need to go through module 1 before hitting module 2 and so forth. Designing your products this way ensures that your customers will get the most out of the them.

Can’t Forget Actionable Steps…

This is where many information product creators drop the ball. Most products have great content, but they’re impossible to put into action. There’s no step-by-step, “do this, then do that” section that makes the content actionable.

Ever heard the phrase, “it’s not what you make, it’s how much you keep”? This is definitely true when selling information products since the decision of who keeps the money is on the customer, not the vendor. Making it easy for your customers to take action also makes it easy for them to get results.

…and if your customers are getting results, you’ll get to keep a lot more of the money.=)

Make Refunds Easy To Get…

Yeah.. you’ll still get refunds, no matter how awesome your product is. I, for some reason, haven’t gotten any; which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Some hardcore copywriters would say that I’m “not selling hard enough”, but to each his own, I guess.

Refunds are still a part of doing business. I’ve asked for refunds before. Sometimes it’s been because the product sucked, other times it’s been because it just wasn’t the product for me. Making it easy to get refunds will eliminate any possible complaints or negative PR that might affect future business. So be sure to add a support page for your customers.

What else should you never leave out of products?

If you’ve created information products before, I’d like to hear about that experience. What do you absolutely need to include when creating them? Let’s chat..



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  1. Hey Laura,

    I am getting close to releasing my first information product. I found your site through Sean Ogle, whom I have also been talking with about the project. I would love to talk to you for a few minutes and hear your thoughts about my plan for launch. I could probably learn quite a bit from your experience. Shoot me an email if you would be willing to connect.

  2. Jenn Burton says:

    Hey Hector, loved this piece. especially the last one. I will be releasing my first info product in October, and this will help a lot. Ciao

  3. Great advice, Hector. The intro is not an obvious one, but having done an info product with TONS of content that can be overwhelming, I now see how the intro is important. It also reminds the customer why they bought it in the first place :) Do you recommend a particular format for the intro? Video?
    Thank you.

  4. says:

    This will surely help and improve my interest of blogging. These guidelines are very important for a newbie like me. Thank you..