12 Ways to Leverage Social Media & Grow Your Business in 12 Months

My name is Kyra Williams, The Get in Shape Girl. In April of 2010, I was laid off from my job as an admin. I received a severance and had a few months to ponder my next move. I was and am in love with fitness and being healthy.

Back as a college student? Not so much. I was out of shape, unhealthy, and most importantly unhappy. I did what most girls did and counted calories, burned more than I consumed and waited. After moving to Boston, I found a gym called CATZ and it introduced me to new heights in my personal fitness. Off I was, spending more time working out, eating right, and learning all I could about being healthy.

That’s when I decided to become a personal trainer. I obtained my NASM certification and went to work for a gym and started a blog, I also started a Facebook Like Page, YouTube Channel and Twitter account. I was unsure about what to do with all of them but with some studying and watching of others, I just started writing and recording videos and I let the chips fall where they may.

It turns out, I wasn’t the only girl who ran into difficulties with getting healthier and I quickly started to get fans and viewers of my blog — 10 a day, 20 a day, 100 a day, 500 a day, 1000 a day and so on. Same with my Facebook Page and I am now approaching 3000 Likes!

Here are the 12 Steps I followed and how you can do it too.

  1. Who are you? What are you writing about? This is your niche. You should be writing to your niche and also be a part of your niche to prove your passion for the topic.
  2. Who is your audience? I was writing to people who wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and wanted to share ideas and success stories.
  3. HAVE Patience – This is not going to happen overnight. It is going to take time to get a following. Be comfortable with the having approx 50 or so fans after the first month. Treat followers and fans with great respect and get to know THEM.
  4. Provide Valuable Content – Only re-posting recipes or others content is not going to get a following. Write from the heart, write posts that will help, inspire, heal and motivate.
  5. It is not about YOU – Being a blogger is about serving the community in which you occupy, not promoting yourself (that will come organically). Do as much as you can for others with no expectations besides knowing you may have helped someone.
  6. Have a free item to give away. Having consistent viewership is great but it is a one way street. (They come to you) Creating a free report or a newsletter will get people to sign up to your email list and you now can reach them with your content, programs, or services. Mine was www.thegetinshapebooty.com
  7. Do some Pro-Bono work – Not only good for your karma, this will help you build social currency. I have a personal training site. Before we launched it, we gave away free memberships to get the community engaged. Those people were also required to provide photos, testimonials, and leave positive feedback on their social media pages.
  8. Show you CARE – When I was getting started I would write a thank you email to everyone who signed up for my free give-a-way just introducing myself and asking how I could help.
  9. Follow up –People need reminders that you can help them; Also be consistent with your blog, failing to write a post for a couple weeks will kill your viewership before it gets going.
  10. Do Free Challenges to get community involvement – I have created a free challenge for people on my Facebook page and people I am involved with on many different forums.
  11. Ask your audience what they want, don’t assume you know – You are probably at a level of knowledge for your niche that is ahead of your viewers. Don’t assume they are there with you. If they are asking for the basic of basic steps, make sure to show them how!
  12. Find people you want to be like and follow them! Get involved on their page, provide great content and posts and let them know you are also an authority figure in that space. Doing it once won’t cut it. Be a regular on their page helping THEIR viewers remain engaged. I bet you they will make their way over to your site in time!

I hope you will take the time to read this a few times and implement these steps as they have worked for me. April of 2010, I had no fans, viewers, a fan page, a blog, or a direction on where I was going to take this. Here is your blueprint.

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Kyra WilliamsKyra is a certified personal trainer and nutritional specialist helping people across their world become healthier versions of themselves. To find out more about her and get some free tips go to www.thegetinshapeworkoutplan.com.


  1. Thanks for sharing Get In Shape Girl! Very detailed steps!

  2. Thank you so much for this great article! I feel like I am EXACTLY where Kyra was in April, ’10. I am selling my personalized jewelry on Etsy, and from my customers’ responses to it, I feel like I have something special to offer–more than just a product, a meaningful service. So, I have followed The Advice out there that says you MUST: Blog, Tweet, Facebook! I have accounts for all three, but that’s about it!

    It’s funny because in person, or in one-on-one conversations online at my Etsy shop, I am able to connect–love to connect–with my fans/customers, but to just put a blog out there??? I have no IDEA what to say! I feel like my blog “voice” is just echoing in this big, dark cavern, maybe scattering up some bats, but that’s it : ) “Hellloooooo……..”

    I think after reading this article, when I write my blog, I will keep this one sentence of Kyra’s taped to my forehead: “Write from the heart, write posts that will help, inspire, heal and motivate.”

    And, I will also imagine talking to one friend, or one customer–I think that will help with the spooky cavern part ; )


  3. Can’t wait to include these steps into my launch plan — thanks for excellent advice!

  4. A great blueprint, note the link back to your site at the bottom doesn’t work. Probably caused by WordPress gremlins.

  5. This is a great reminder that I need to be askinng what my readers want to learn about and not assume I already know. Thanks for the great advice!

  6. Thanks for sharing Kyra! your methods are really helpful for entrepreneurs across the world. I am inspired to write my article on my weekly magazine. Thanks again.

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