25 Ideas for Your Big Banana

Building a solid mailing list is a lot easier said than done, to which many budding entrepreneurs can attest. Coming up with ideas to implement might make you feel like a monkey trying to operate as a brain surgeon. I mean, where do you even start?

You’ll have to peel the banana yourself, but here are 25 ideas for your Big Banana – that one free giveaway capturing the loyalty and imagination of your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

1. The Checklist
A checklist is a convenient and quick way to evaluate a prospective provider of services, stay organized or as a reminder of what your customer needs to do to achieve their goals.

  • The Ultimate 10-Day Trip Packing List – and It All Fits In Your Carry On

2. Take This Quiz!
Great for life coaches and career advisors, a quiz is not only a fun way to determine certain personality traits, but you can follow up with details and an explanation of their type. People love to take quizzes, especially when it’s all about them.

  • Test Your Career Personality IQ! Discover the Career Path that Leads to a Job You Love.

3. Teach A Video Course/Series
Even a short instructional video can have a big impact. Show your potential customer how to accomplish a task, solve a problem or learn a new skill.

  • 7 Easy, Self-Defense Techniques Every Woman Should Know

4. Everyone Loves To Be A Winner
Contests are very popular and they are a good way for your brand to go viral. Be sure to follow all legal requirements.

  • Enter To Win Your Choice of Earrings from my New “Elegant Is The Night” Collection!

5. Templates
If you have a template you use often and find useful in your area of expertise, why not package it up as a valuable tool for your customers as a Big Banana?

  • 7 Professional Resume Templates that Will Make Employers Beg to Interview You

6. Taking A Swipe At It
Swipe files are an invaluable resource for customers and can really take a lot of pressure off of coming up with new ideas constantly.

  • 15 Copy & Paste Emails To Resolve Any Customer Service Issue and Still Have Them Love You

7. Write an E-book
The possibilities are endless, and you can write a short e-book about any subject under the sun.

  • Dating After Divorce – Avoiding The Pitfalls of Dating Hell

8. A Blueprint To Take Action
Give them a detailed plan of action they can start using right away.

  • The Super Happy, Healthy Baby Blueprint: The Secrets to Surviving the First 6 Months without Wrecking your Kid.

9. Educational Webinar Series
This is a great idea for a short training series on a single subject for inquiring minds who want to know.

10. Assess and Evaluate
A free assessment is especially effective for any type of coaching or can work with a variety of service industries such as lawn care, cleaning or consultant work.

  • Is Your Home Killing You? Get Free Assessment of the Health Risks in your Home

11. Thieving My Rolodex
Sharing is caring, and chances are your Rolodex is full of juicy contacts.

  • My Top 25 To-Die-For Vintage Clothing Stores (with Private Contact List)

12. A Host With The Most – Teleseminar
Why not host a teleseminar about a topic with which you have a lot of experience?

  • Speaking Without Fear: How to Win Over a Room and Have Blast Doing It.

13. Guides Through The Jungle
Life is a jungle. A step-by-step guide can provide a place to start for your customers no matter the subject.

  • Marie Forleo’s Free Guide for Women: 8 Big Mistakes Most Women Make in Business and How to Avoid Them

14. How About A Discount?
Who doesn’t like a discount on a product or services?

  • 25% Off our “Uniquely You Two” Engagement Photo Session.

15. A Podcast Is Not A Spaceship
The audio media is becoming more and more popular every day. Give your customers an audio experience they can listen to anywhere.

  • Million Dollar Launch – 5 Interviews with Online Entrepreneurs Who Have Had Million+ Product Launches This Year

16. Of Course, There’s an App For That
Offer a free version of your game, app or entry-level software.

  • Is that a Cloud in Your Pocket? Try the POKTCloud App for All Your Mobile Device Storage Needs.

17. What The Hell Does That Mean?
Industry related terms in any business may be clear to you, but not to your customer. Help them out.

  • 25 Terms You Need To Know in Real Estate Contracts Before Signing Your Life Away

18. A Worksheet To Ease The Workload
A workbook or worksheet takes your customers through the questions they need to answer in order to achieve clarity.

  • Danielle LaPorte’s The Authentic Dreaming Worksheet – designed to find out why you want what you want.

19. The Handy Dandy Toolkit
Your customers are always hungry for the tools you use to succeed. Package an e-book, report, video series, app or any Big Banana to create your own free kit.

  • Detox Toolkit: The Not-So-Crazy Cleanse to Lose Weight, Increase Energy and Feed Your Soul.

20. Get the Conversation Started
Lists of questions are sure-fire ways to feel smarter and spark conversations.

  • 15 Must-Ask Questions Before You Hand Your Money Over to a Financial Planner

21. Come on Down
A free event (or group coaching) where you can give several potential clients a chance to get to know you and what you offer -all at once. This saves tons of time over offering individual trial sessions.

  • OHM My – Free Yoga in the Park Day (Register Now)

22. Free Designs or Graphics
This Big Banana works well for designers and illustrators.

  • 15 Free Awesome Social Media Icons

23. Testing, Testing 1-2-3
Provide a test case or case study to help your customer target their own markets.

  • PR is Not The Same as it Was 5 Years Ago! How I Tripled My Business Almost Overnight by Using The Modern PR System

24. Help Me, Please!
Write a white paper or report to solve a specific problem.

  • Best Practices: Social Media Time Management for the Solopreneur

25. Making Big Plans With A Mind Map
A mind map is very useful for those who are more visual learners.

  • The Meditation Mind Map – Your Visual Guide to Learning & Embracing Meditation In Your Daily Life
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  1. Great job!!

    I will refer to this “all in one place” post.


  2. I love these big banana ideas! I’m a huge fan of the “come on down” taking online issues offline into the real world.

    There are many places that provide free spaces for such events the Microsoft store is one that comes to mind.

  3. Jill, this is a great resource. Thanks for sharing. And the title is the best – it’s what captured my attention! :-)

  4. Great tips! I’ve been listening to Ali Brown’s list building system this week and lots of these points are in there – plus you’ve got even more! Thanks for putting it all in black and white, online, where I can easily refer back for inspiration :)

  5. All the points are right and #17 is so much about non techie like me. I like visiting informative blogs but gets disappointed when writers write in such a way that it compels the reader to refer the thesaurus due to too many flowery and techie terms. Getting the point across to the reader I guess, is more important.

  6. Jackie Jacobson says:

    I really appreciate this list. You’ve made it clear and easy, and a wonderful guide to success. Thanks so much.

  7. Loving those ideas!

  8. This is a great list to follow! Thanks for providing this awesome ideas!

  9. Jill,

    Your title is almost as good as your list.

    Great job and thanks! I found several of your ideas actionable immediately. I promise not to take the procrastination train and get started.

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