Love Your Clients & Your Bottom Line by Upping Your Vibe

Lots of online business owners are doing great offering information and inspiration to their customers.  But perhaps you’re hankerin’ to take it to the next level?  Maybe you’re hungry for something more in your business? If so, consider strengthening your transmission – also known as upping your vibe – to your readers and customers.

Whoa, transmission?? Transmission of what? Are we getting all airy-fairy? What the heck does vibe have to do with business?

Only everything. The Internet is about connection. As we’ve become more plugged in, we’ve also gotten better at detecting bullshit and we’ve gotten hungrier for truth, authenticity, and real connection. It’s paradoxical: the more time we spend plugged in to the virtual world, the more we crave what’s real.

That’s where transmission comes in – transmission is, at its heart, about love. Something larger than gets communicated through you to your peeps. A higher vibe. A bigger energy. That transmission will nourish and energize you better than a double Americano, and help attract your best customers with more ease and profit.

Think about the people you are drawn to again and again – you read their blogs, watch their videos, hire them – is it purely for the information you receive or is there something else, a something you can’t quite put your finger on? That’s transmission.

Sounds good, yes? It is – it’s the best! But it’s not a tidy plug-and-play process. If you are still reading, you are ready for this level of teaching, and it requires courage, self-love, and humility.


Ask yourself:

  • Where am I in deepest alignment with what I offer? In what part of my business do I feel the most “rightness?”
  • Where do I feel the least aligned, the least lit up? (This takes courage to ask!)
  • When do I feel more connected to myself and my customers? (Name some specific instances – small is beautiful.)
  • When do I experience love for my peeps? (Love is the heart of transmission.)
  • Where am I walking my talk? (Practicing what you preach, using what you teach, doing what’s hard or expensive to stay in alignment.)
  • Where am I not? (This one may take a coach or mastermind group to help you see.)

Time out: these questions are not an invitation to completely revamp your business, quit, or beat yourself up. Transmission of a higher vibe means you let being in business work you. You let it teach you about how you do you – and then you use that learning to be of greater, true service to the people you love – also known as your customers.

Transmission helps your people change at a deep level; it fortifies them in a lasting way. They are elevated by what they receive from you. The form of what you offer might not change, but the intention, the energy, does.  Radically.

It’s using business as a spiritual practice.  Pretty cool, huh?

Here are three additional ways to up your vibe and transmit the love:

  1. Be a steward of your customer’s deeper learning, healing, and evolution. How can you serve that through the work you do – for instance, social media marketing or website design? You might not come up with a concrete answer but consider the question will increase the possibility for transmission to happen.
  2. Turn your own deepest learning into content. Jen has written 6 books with almost a million copies in print doing just that. Share what moves and transforms you but only once you know the point, the takeaways of your learning. If you are still in the midst of it, take notes, let the learning work you, and when you have perspective – which can sometimes takes months or even years- then share.
  3. Do your work wholeheartedly and sustainably. Turn on all your charm, brilliance, love, and expertise when you’re serving your peeps and be sure and give yourself an equal amount of recovery, play, and “filler-up” time. (Laura models this so well!)

Transmission isn’t about you – it’s a mysterious process where by something larger than you comes through you – but that larger something can’t get through if you are a dried-up freaked out mess. Build in what you need to replenish so that giving to your customers is like inhaling and exhaling – it’s a sustainable process of putting out and taking back in, never leaving you breathless or panting.

Bottom line: to evolve your business, you must up your vibe. The Internet offers a profound way for you to evolve, to become more authentic, loving and to truly serve – while taking great care of yourself. The more in alignment you are with your values, the more you walk your talk, and the higher your vision for what’s possible through your business, the clearer the transmission of energy will be.

Go to it!

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  1. Ahhh, a sigh of relief as I come across more and more people agreeing that marketing NEEDS to be changed. This ‘vibe’ and utmost personality that’s thankfully becoming more and more popular these days is, it seems, one of the only ways to get a new business to survive these days (unless you have a silicon valley-type marketing budget).

    We need to understand that everything we do; the way we talk, the pictures we upload, the words we use… it’s ALL marketing. Every last bit of it. And so we need to be careful that at all times we’re portraying exactly what it is what we stand for, to ensure that we’re attracting the perfect people for what we’re trying to achieve, and you’ve summed this up perfectly :)

  2. True, we need to be careful and certain about how we want others to look at our business and to look at us as a person. Our clients or customers look up to us for perfect solutions and as someone running a business we have to be prepared to handle their queries.

  3. In every business, the most important people involved are the clients. They are the reason why business has to be convincing and more creative of getting clients. Loving them will surely bring a positive outcome.