7 Hot Dating Tips to Attract & Seduce Your Perfect Client

As a dating & romance coach I love love love teaching women about the art of attraction and seduction. Attracting and seducing your perfect client is actually very similar to dating, and ultimately more about you than them. If done with integrity you will become an irresistible powerhouse in your field. Using these seven tips will captivate a client base that not only gets you giddy but will keep paying you time and time again.

1. I like my clients like I like my men: loyal, faithful, & stable

Never underestimate the need to define your target market audience.  I definitely suggest keeping an open mind to the different possibilities of your audience, but I would never omit these 3 super adjectives. I would also include ‘takes action’. Just like in dating, defining what you want will magically weed out many undesirable matches and create space for your ideal client to reach you.

2. Eye contact, smile, mimic body movement, & pace speech patterns

Subtle cues can create feelings of instant connection and understanding.  Do note that I said subtle, not forced and certainly not obvious.  Also using these techniques can help with any anxiety or nervousness you might feel during client interactions because it gives your body a task that makes you focus on another person.  Case in point: I am a southern gal born and raised; when someone who wants me as a client speaks to me with an extreme rate of speed I instinctively become skeptical about our compatibility. If I am skeptical, then of course it will take them longer to establish the needed like, know, and trust factor.

3. Don’t be afraid to turn a client loose if it’s not a good fit

Sometimes no matter what you do a client will not be happy with the services you provide, just like sometimes chemistry never develops between two people. Especially in coaching scenarios, it is important to have some interaction whether it be phone, in person, and or email to gauge your client’s compatibility with you. Even more important is you developing the ability to kindly let your client know that he/she is not good fit.  In dating, we will attract the same type of person repeatedly until we are consistent with saying no to the qualities we no longer want in our lives.  Attracting your perfect client mates requires the same consistency.

4. Show your personality, especially in your “about page” just as you would in your online dating profile

Let people in a little on what lights you up as person.  Tell us what is fun to know about you.  Throw out the boring “about me page” and add some flavor.  Be confident without cockiness. Be excited about who you are and what you offer.  Being a real human is quite attractive & seductive.

5. Let your friends know that you are available for a set up

This may not be a conversation you want to have with a friend, but if you haven’t told your friends the gist of what you do and who you are interested in doing it for, you could be missing out on new business.  Just like there are many great dates that start out with “I know somebody”, your friends can be a wonderful liaison for new client connections. Simply letting them know you are interested in taking on more clients will keep you on their mind when a potential match happens. Personally, my best clients almost always come from a friend connection.

6. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Be VERY clear on what you enjoy bringing to the table

There are many women these days who work very hard to be the woman who can do it all. Being able to do it all and really enjoy what you do are very different concepts. Doing what you hate is neither attractive nor seductive. If you keep providing something that you loathe to do, you will keep attracting more of the same activity. This will set you up for a boat full of resentment and disgust for your business. Bitter and resentful = major turn off & bad business mojo. You have 3 options when dealing with a piece of your business that you can’t stand: limit it in your offering, outsource it, or eliminate it.

7. The more fun you are having in your business, the more clients will be attracted to what you have to offer

Getting excited about what you provide, thinking outside the box and giving yourself creative license sets you up to have adoring clients. You will enrapture your clients. One of my favorite examples… check out Laura and Marie with Rich, Happy, Hot B-School.  Simply irresistible;) So let loose a little. Having fun makes you unforgettable.

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  1. Kathleen Prophet says:

    How FUN Jennifer! I LOVE thinking of my clients as my LOVERS! what a perfect metaphor for really keeping the electricity of our engagements full of life and joy. I really appreciate the clarity this brings to my interactions. The standards, that yes, need to be upheld on both ends. And if it doesn’t work, let them go. I am a believer in FUN…. tis my new compass point. Great piece!

  2. Such a great post! I love it Jennifer. I am going to remind myself of these daily!

  3. Great post, Jenn. I needed to see #3 today. I have a potential client (colleague and friend) who I’m feeling, after several emails, may not be a good fit. I’m really going to have an opportunity to stand in my power this week and use my “no thank you” voice graciously but with conviction. Love these life-LOVE-business lessons. . .

  4. Wow, Jenn — when I think about attracting clients like dating, it all seems so much easier! Thanks for pointing out the parallels!

  5. I love number 6. Finding our authentic selves is so important. Our clients know right away when we aren’t.

  6. Love this post! Relationships definitely share many things, be they business or personal.

  7. I love the concept of flirting with prospective customers in my biz and counsel associates to do the same – it’s WAY more FUN than the desperate ‘please oh please oh please’ emotion that can so often accompany the new business owner. Thanks to for your advice re: kindly and gently letting people know when they’re not a good fit. Being in a bad relationship serves no one!

  8. I was trying to choose my favourite tips on this post, and couldn’t decide! I love them all. The first one that jumped out was tip #3 because I always want to work with everyone, but it’s true that sometimes it’s not a good match, so we should release those clients. I also appreciate #6. Indeed, being yourself is important. In this day and age, it’s all about being authentic! Thanks for the great post :)

  9. LOVE this. Set them loose, have more fun, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. It’s perfect. A guide to all relationships (lovers, family, business) FUN and perfect timing. Thanks! ~ Loralee

  10. I absolutely love this article Jenn!! I never in a million years would have tied dating advice with business advice – brilliant.

    I like all your tips especially # 3, #4 as a matter of fact I just uploaded a new about me page so this tip was very timely :-) and #7 so true!

    These statements rock girl – “Bitter and resentful = major turn off & bad business mojo.” “Be confident without cockiness” takes time to perfect, yet so important.

    Good one Jenn ;-)

  11. The key (that you have captured so well!) is that whether professional or personal…it`s all about building relationships. I really love 4 and 7!

  12. Brilliant how you illustrated this for us, Jenn!! I just LOVE it and it really does make it so much easier to bring each point into our business with that way of thinking! Each and every point you make is sooo true, yet so many entrepreneurs try to please everyone, do everything, and just do things that are not being just “who they are”.

    Thanks for making it fun and sexy! And so doable!

  13. Oh my goodness Jenn you crushed this post, I loved it! I actually had the reverse approach as I learned a lot of this stuff in sales, and then took it into the dating world when I suddenly became single a few years back.
    The most important point is to show how much fun your having. I want my clients as invested in me as I am in them and to have an unfortgettable experience….much like that so important first date ;) Great insights here Jenn!

  14. You got fantastic nice ideas here. I made a research on the topic and think most people will agree with your blog. I like the idea of building relationships with your clients. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Wow! This post really gives’s me some ideas. Thanks Jen! You have helped us a lot to attract our client. 4 and 6 are the ones that are truly we must follow. Thanks again

  16. Elbert Waldrup says:

    These are defenitely some good tips to keep in mind when doing business!
    Thanks Jenn. Curious to see if this works on people or not.

  17. This is not fair!! You teach people how to manipulate them haha…
    Great post Jenn, loved it…

  18. RJ Ulbricht says:

    Great corollary from Jenn,

    Even though I have been out of the dating game for decades, I do have a memory and she is on target.

    I like to fold in a heavy dose of enthusiasm and “I would rather be no place but with you” feeling.