Your Blueprint to Ranking in Google Places

Looking for the Blueprint to Ranking in Google Places?

Trying to place highly on Google? Have a brick and mortar company?  Then you know how important it is to be found.  Everyone is driving the lanes of the world wide web before venturing down Main Street.

People take to the internet before they take to the interstate.

What does that mean for you?  Have you been thinking about adding Google Places to your marketing strategy? Sure. Because you realize that knowing how to get your website to rank in Google – is knowing how to get your business in front of your consumers.

“No matter how big the sign is on the front of your building, if you’re not effective with Google Places, then you should expect the business to go to the one who is.”

What is Google Places?

Google Places is an integral part of Google and its search engine abilities.  Look up a business or service on Google, say under “plumber Orlando Fl”, and Google will present you with a list.  Anyone who has done a search on Google has seen one – it’s a list of websites Google believes best answer the question you are looking for. And – and this is the “Big And” – Google will call out, with its special up-side-down teardrop shaped marker, the brick and mortar businesses that are registered in Google Places before it calls out any business not registered. That’s what makes Google Places worth your time.

What does this all mean for your business?

Google Places gets your business to the top of searches with more ease than anything that has come before it.  This means more traffic online and on foot will be coming to your door.

The question is: “How to use Google Places to rank high when someone’s Googling?”

Simple. Watch the excellent video “The Blueprint to Google Places” shared here. Or if you’d rather keep reading, then you need to look at the three main elements to coming up in Google Places’ ranking:

  1. Citations
  2. Keywords

And of course –

  1. Google Places

Let’s start with citations.

What’s a citation? That would be your company’s big three:

  1. Legal name
  2. Legal address
  3. Legal phone number

Citations are the starting point when you want to rank in Google Places.   

You’ll want to get your company’s citations listed in as many major directories as possible.  That’s a basic step one.  Some of those directories are free and some aren’t.  Just remember that registering with a popular and well visited site lets some of their Google influence rub off on you.  It’s sort of like “having the right friends” or “being ‘in’ with the right people”.  So get all three pieces of info added to directories like Angie’s List, Yelp, and even the online Yellow Pages.  Simple and essential.

**Warning: do not make any mistakes when entering your information and always enter the same information.  For instance, if you have two office phone numbers, be sure to use the same number for every directory you use.

Step two is learning about ranking on Google with Keywords.

Although this part may sound a little like arcane magic it’s not really that mysterious.  A free keyword tool from can be found on Google’s Adwords. Guess what it’s called? The Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  Even without an Adwords account you can use this tool to find which words and phrases people are typing in when you are the answer to their search.  You can even find out the frequency a specific phrase, like “plumber Orlando fl” is searched.

The topic of proper keyword strategy is certainly packaged with a learning curve so be sure to look for a future “how to” blog and video about this project.

Want to use Google Places to its best advantage? That’s step three:

For this step the magic number is three again. Make sure you have:

  1. 10 photos
  2. 5 videos
  3. 1 completely filled out Google Places profile.

Wondering what kind of photos and videos to use? Don’t be too stressed. With most cameras today you can capture what you need fairly easily.  Why not take a look at what other businesses are posting in Google Places? It’s an easy way to get some simple ideas.

Want a little “magic sauce” to successfully use Google Places to improve your Google ranking?

Final touches: Make sure you have absolutely no spelling or entry errors within your information.  Also, don’t forget to activate your listing using the pin # on the postcard you will receive from Google.

Get reviews: Time to contact your family tree (family, friends, client, etc)!  You need them to add an outstanding review in your Google Places listing.  In addition, why not have them visit some of the citations you created so they can give you “5 stars” there, too.   More reviews equals more opportunity!

**Warning: whether you have 10 or 100 people willing to do this for you – you’ll want to ask them to do it over time.

Google Places is the “place to be” on Google

Google Places is the place to build a presence if you want people to be present in your business. Use this blog as a check sheet or simply build your foundation on Google Places by watching the video, “The Blueprint to Google Places.”  It’s not just accurate – it’s fun to watch.

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