3 Ways To Strategically Hustle Your Way To A 6-Figure Business In The Next 365 Days


How to get your hustle on…

In the video you learned about the 3 types of strategic hustle’n you must do if you’re going to hit that 6-figure mark this year – or ever.

  1. Be a Strategic Scheduler: Schedule it or it won’t happen. If it does, it’ll probably be late, and not even close to being your best work. Further more, you’ll be stressed. Is that why you started your own business? To be stressed? No. More importantly is the example you’re setting for your children. Are you teaching them to take control of their future by being strategic with their time or to just let life happen to them?
  2. Get your hustle on the actions that actually make money: This seems simple, but most people have no idea what actions in their business make money. They focus on everything but those actions. The next time you sit down to change your Twitter bio so it has that perfect mixture of business and quirkiness, write another blog post, or add the 13th type of service you just decided to offer on your services page, think about this. Will this make me money in the next 24 hours or am I just trying to feel like I’m being productive?
  3. Strategic Homies: We adapt to our environments. Create an environment that inspires, supports, teaches, and symbolizes what you’re trying to build. If you’re going to build your 6-figure business in the next 365 days, this is crucial. Choose who you (and your business) associate with wisely. The same goes for your mentors. Do their beliefs resonate with yours or do you just see them as someone who makes a lot of money?

Of course there’s more to reaching 6-figures than just being a great hustler, but this is a great start. Master these, and you’ll be well on your way to reaching your goals.

“Everyday I’m Hustle’n”

That’s your knew theme from this day forward. Make it a cheesy tune you sing to yourself. Go ahead.

“Everyday I’m hustle’n! Everyday I’m hustle’nnnn! Ooo yeah! Ooo ooo yeah!”

…or something like that ;-)

Tell me. What are you going to do right now to get your hustle on?

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Andy FogartyAndy Fogarty transforms good dads into 6-Figure Fathers in 365 days or less. When he's not transforming dads he's chilling with his two beautiful little girls, his dog Alice "The Wonder Dog", or poking his wife in the armpit just to watch her do that scared- ticklish-jumping thing that she does.


  1. Great post! I definitely need to work on getting rid of the busy work & focus on doing those high-leverage tasks that are going to make me money!

  2. It’s funny – I sing everyday I’m hustlin’ hustlin’ to the party rock song! Just in case anyone was looking for a tune to put to your jingle. :)

    Great tips too! ;)

  3. in point 3, definitely mentors

  4. Great post! I’m sure it is what a lot of people that are in the online business wants, being able to earn huge figures in a small amount of time. It requires a big deal of commitment though, it doesn’t just suddenly happen.

    By the way, tip number 3 is awesome. We work better when we are around people who are going through the same things as us.

  5. Great post Andy! Love your backdrop too :)
    It is tough sticking to my schedule, especially when I get a new client who can only see homes after work or on my day off. Any suggestions on what to say?

  6. Hey Andy,
    Thank you for adding a little hustle to my week!
    I TOTALLY set aside the money makers and do busy work sometimes.
    Thanks for the reminder…and tomorrow I have “scheduled” to complete the revised pattern for my new tshirt launch…and get it to the manufacturer!
    Your a gem…have a super week!