How To Use a Flowplayer WordPress Plugin To Show Any Video In WordPress

In this video you’ll learn…

  • How to add your videos to a self-hosted WordPress site using Flowplayer
  • Where to house large videos on the web
  • How to install and set up the FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin
  • Why we love Amazon S3 for housing videos


Hey there. I’m Laura Roeder and today, I want to show you how to use the Flowplayer plugin to get videos to show up on your WordPress website. This is a topic request that I got from a Dash reader, and I’m happy to make a video for you about it today.

So let’s start by explaining what Flowplayer is. Flowplayer is something that you use to put a video player on your website. So you would use Flowplayer if maybe you have a video that you don’t want to be on a public site like YouTube for whatever reason. Maybe because it’s private, maybe because it’s password-protected, maybe it’s too long for YouTube and you need to host it somewhere else, that’s what you would you use something like Flowplayer for.

Now, what you have to understand about Flowplayer is they don’t host your video. It’s simply a way to play a video on a website. So you’re going to need another service. In this example, I’m going to show you how to do it with Amazon S3 which is a really popular service for hosting a video. I recommend S3. I love it because it’s a really lowcost way to host files like videos for your website. So let’s get started.

So the first step is to install the WordPress plugin. The one I recommend is called FV WordPress Flowplayer. Again, that’s the letters FV WordPress Flowplayer. So you’re going to go into your WordPress website; you’re going to go in the plugins section and search for this plugin. And here it is. I already have it installed on my site so it’s showing up as installed, but you’ll see right here FV WordPress Flowplayer and then you’ll click “Install Now” as you see in this example to install it.

Okay. So you’ve got it installed; you’ve got it activated. The next step is to find the video or to upload your video. So you can see here I’m logged in to my interface for Amazon S3. They finally got a web interface where you can see all your different video files. So you can go to their web interface. You can upload it here. It’s really important to make the video public. So let’s see. Which was the one I was using as the example? Yeah, Early Bird.

You’re going to right-click on it and click on “Make Public.” So whenever you want to embed a video on your website, you have to make that a public video. Otherwise, it won’t work. So this is a really common place for people to get error messages. So again, in this S3 you’re going to right-click it and click on “Make Public.” It will ask you if you’re sure and you’re going to hit OK.

Okay. So we’ve got our video uploaded to S3. We’ve got our plugin installed. Now let’s make a post to show the video.

So if you go over to FV WordPress Flowplayer in your settings, so that’s over here, you’ll probably have it on the bottom left side of your WordPress interface that lists all your plugins. So you click on it down there and it will show you this page where you get to choose how to play the video. I have an example right here.

So you can choose if you want AutoPlay, if you want a popup box, if you want to enable full screen mode. They’ll let you choose your default video size, different colors, all different options there so you can look through that.

Also on this page they have the short code for embedding your video. So you can do it really simple with just the filename or you can add the width and the height and they have some other and they explain it all here a lot of different options for customizing your video. It’s really cool because this is free. Flowplayer is free and it’s totally customizable.

So let’s just go with the most simple example. So I’m just going to copy and paste these little short codes so I can remember it, but basically, it just says Flowplayer src= and then you put in your filename. Now, a lot of people think that these have to be Flash videos, FLV, but they actually don’t. In the example today, I’m going to show you an MOV file. So any type of video file will work with Flowplayer.

So again, I copy and pasted this little short code. Now I’m going to go to add a new post and I’ll just paste in my short code right here. Now I need to grab my filename where it says example.flv. That’s where I put in the video file.

So, now that I’ve made my video public in S3, I’m going to go on to properties and now I have the link to link to this video. So I’m just going to copy and paste this link, copy the link, go back to my post. So where it says example.flv, I’m going to post in my video URL; and then of course, if you want to put “Here’s My Video” or any other text above or below the video, you can do that using your normal WordPress interface.

So now I hit preview to make sure that it worked, and so I’m just going to test the play button. Of course, it didn’t work because I’m doing a training video and God forbid something works.

So I’ll show you how I would troubleshoot this. So the first thing I would do is I want to make sure that I made my video public, and then the next step I want to do is to make sure that I got the URL correct. So I’m going to go here, I’m going to copy this URL again. I have this zoomed in so it’s showing a little funky.

So okay, I think I know why this didn’t work. I think it didn’t work because this is showing up as a link. So I need to not make that a link I think for the code to work properly. I’m actually glad it didn’t work because now you can see the troubleshooting process which is an important part of making your website work.

So I’m going to go to save draft again and then I’ll hit preview again so that reloads, and I’ll play my video. Hopefully, it worked this time. We’ll give it a second to load here. I think it’s going to work.

Alright! So it worked! So there is my post. I have my video embedded.

Let me move this to trash.

Again, I am Laura Roeder. That’s how you use the Flowplayer WordPress Plugin to embed any type of video onto your WordPress blog.

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  1. Thanks Laura! Simple, but useful. I appreciate it. :)

  2. Can this flowplayer plugin import videos into my wordpress hosted site that i’ve hosted in metacafe?

  3. Laura,
    Thanks for stepping through everything. I had looked at Flowplayer before and I know some have said it was not for beginners so I never attempted using it. I think I’ll give it a go now – you made it seem easy!

  4. Laura, question from a newbie. Why is my wordpress missing the Plugins tab on my left side? I’m using the free .com from wordpress. Thanks and I hope you can show how to add iframe and amazon widget on your next video.


  5. There are still plenty of video plugin for WP, I’m not used to them now and I have no experience, I hope that one is with this recommendation :

  6. Flowplayer is great. I am using it in my own blog. Use mp4 instead of flv to make sure your video is compatible with most devices.

  7. Hey,
    This is an awesome article, since it gives a lot of qualitative tips and guides about a wordpress plug in. I would add this on my blogging strategies. I am so eager to use it now. Thanks for the strategy. :D

  8. One thing that I love about wordpress is their versatility when it comes to plugins, all plugins are available in wordpress. Plus, they have a wide range of it, from good ones to the best ones.

    By the way, great video. I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate you doing this video. It’s a great topic.

  9. Thank you for your tips I learn a lot from the video. Before I often met this kind of problem about my blog video, now I am lucky to check your page.

  10. Love it! Makes me want to make a video to post. Well done, as always!

  11. Laura,

    Wish I had come to your blog 2 months ago when I could not figure out flowplayer for the life of me. This is a great video.

    Also, I was watching the video of you on Social Triggers. How do you add the subscribe button underneath each blog post? I have looked for a plugin for this in the past, but have not found anything simple.