Four Reasons Why Giving Away Your Goods for Free is a Marketing Tactic Worth Trying

When you were a kid, there was something so thrilling about trying free samples at the grocery store, right? They left you surprised and wanting more. I find that when companies give me a sample of what they got, I not only continue shopping there, but I share it with friends and am even willing to give feedback.

If your like millions of other business owners, you don’t have a huge marketing budget, and that is where giving away your goods comes into play for the growth of your business. Feeling generous? If you’re not yet, these four reasons will convince you why you need to be.

1. Generosity is Always Worth Sharing: When you receive something for free that has value it’s thrilling. You’re on cloud nine and the first thing you want to do after trying it out is share it with your friends.

Think how this can benefit your business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have new customers discovering you without working your butt off trying to find them? Imagine how you could set your business up for success if new clients were calling you because they heard how great your product is from a friend on Twitter. Don’t hold back, if you’re giving away your goods, ask them to share with their friends how much they love what your business is doing.

2. Free Lovin’ Equals Loyalty (In This Case): When your customers feel appreciated and taken care of, pure loyalty takes place. This loyalty will cause those who follow you, but can’t afford what you have to offer, to be lifelong fanatics of your business. They will cheer you on and always root for you. Why? Because they see that you understand not everyone can afford your offerings. Having loyal fanatics of your business can bring opportunities that money can’t buy. Be sure to remember this when giving away your goods that sometimes loyalty will result in something far greater than a sale.

3. Gain Priceless Feedback: As business owners one thing we can all agree on is how priceless and necessary customer and client feedback is to the future of our businesses. When you give away your goods and get every one’s emails who partook in your freebies, you are then able to email them a feedback form and get answers to the questions that you need to know most.

4. Seconds Turn Into Sales: Giving things away will result in sales, period. Clients that have a “free pass” will have a first hand look of what it is your business is all about and how you can serve them. If you don’t give them this free pass, they will never know just how much they love your product and now need it.

When you embrace generosity to market your business you are opening the door to thousands of potential new and loyal customers. If your mind has been closed to giving away what your business offers, now is the time to change it.

Create a generous marketing strategy, and you won’t be let down.

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Erin GilesErin Giles is a Small Business Coach that empowers female entrepreneurs to shine online while maintaining peace, passion, and productivity. She is a 24/7 brainstormer that gets her fix by injecting creativity into your business system through one on one coaching sessions. She recently launched her digital guide Give it Away Now: The Marketing Tactic that Creates Faithful Customers. Sign up to get your weekly fix and free goodies, on her site or connect with her on Twitter @erinmgiles.


  1. This post is super! Awesome and great motivation to start up a new product that would blow peoples head off! :D

    Just think about it your free product is so huge and great that people even linked to you just to refer there own traffic to you! It’s worth the time to put in afford into your product.

    I always say a product doesn’t have to be big it just has to be valuable.

    Thanks again Erin you got me thinking big

    Jan Dirk

  2. Your welcome Jan!

  3. Well free works since we naturally have the tendency to reciprocate.

    Good tip on giving something for free in order to get feedback! We all need more of it!

  4. Yes we do! Generosity is rare with a lot of companies!

  5. And don’t forget that making useful comments on a blog or LinkedIn is a form of free marketing! Same goes for Twitter. If people see that you know what you are talking about and seem personable, they might just click through to see what else you have. The web is built on physical and emotional links, and they work well together!

  6. Naples- Thanks! And yes you have a great point, we have to be careful not to make it all be about sales or we will devalue our product.

    Michael- Exactly, this is where we can truly shine!

  7. Hey Erin,
    As a small firm owner, giving out your goods or as what as known as food sample is really a good way of promoting your business in the market. Through this, the mouth-to-mouth way of marketing would be done. Thanks for the reminders by the way. :D

  8. Your welcome Eric!

  9. I agree that this is a cornerstone marketing approach in today’s world where so much is free. I do think that giving away something of quality becomes more important than ever–after all it is your chance to add something of value to what your visitor gets from visiting your site.

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