He Who is the Most Consistent Wins

As you are getting ready and doing all of that planning for the New Year, remember one very important step…be consistent.

Check out the video below to learn:

  • How to stay at the forefront of your customer’s minds
  • How serious commitment leads to serious success
  • How systems can help you achieve consistency


Hey, I’m Laura Roeder of getthedash.com, and I want to propose an idea to you today for your small business and that is he who is the most consistent wins. I think consistency is incredibly important in building a successful small business especially over time and here is what I mean.

I see a lot of businesses that publicly kind of fall off the map. They have been blogging for a while and then you look at their blog and they haven’t updated it for two months. They’ve stopped sending out emails. You haven’t heard from them in six months.

Sometimes these businesses actually have a lot going on behind the scenes, but from the customer’s perspective, that relationship really decays. All the time that you’re not communicating with your customers, you’re losing that relationship with them, right? It’s just like a friend that you used to talk to every day and all of a sudden you haven’t heard from them for six months and you’re not as close to them as people that you stay in touch with all the time.

I think sometimes people think, “Oh, it’s just a blog. It’s just sending out emails. There’s no big deal.” But then it builds up and builds up, and then before you know it, three months have gone by and no one has heard from you.

The businesses that I see winning are businesses that make a very serious commitment to their consistency. This is something that I’ve done in my business and I think it’s a huge factor in my success.

But you don’t have to do it all at once. So what I did is I started with a newsletter. I decided to make a commitment that I would publish a newsletter every week, and if you’re on my list, you know that we publish that newsletter every week, week in and week out for the last three years. It’s a non-negotiable no matter what, the newsletter goes out. Of course we have systems that help us do that like writing the newsletter in advance. Amazing idea, right? This really can help you get it up every week instead of scrambling to do it that morning.

So first, we started with a newsletter and then we added on a blog. When I launched this business, I actually didn’t even have a blog for it because you have to be realistic about you and what you can achieve, right? So we started with a newsletter. We got the newsletter happen, we got it down, and then we added a blog. So we started blogging I don’t know how often it was. Let’s say we even just started blogging monthly and then we moved that weekly, and now we have a twice a week blog schedule. We blog pretty much every week, twice a week, at least once a week.

And then after that we added on webinars. Now, we usually do a webinar every two weeks, sometimes once a month. We have a regular schedule. So all those things add up, first the newsletter and then the blog and then the webinars.

But we don’t do things one off. We look at how can we make this consistent so that we’re communicating and adding value and making promotional offers to customers over and over again. And of course the more you can communicate with your customers, the more you can make offers to your customers, the more your business is going to grow, the better the relationship with your customers and the more chances you have for new people to come in the funnel. If you’re releasing a newsletter and a blog post and a webinar regularly, you’re giving people a lot of opportunities to hear about your business. So as you’re doing your planning, I would just ask you to really at not what can you do one off but how can you make a serious commitment to be consistent in your marketing activities.


What systems and consistent marketing do you do to keep your customers engaged? Share in the comments below.

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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. It really does come down to this. Stay committed and always press forward persistence is huge when building a business.

  2. This is an amazing point Laura. It something that I have to continually drill into my head. I took your advice from a few weeks ago an put a 2012 calendar up that will help me to stay focused and consistent. Thanks Laura.

  3. Fantastic advice, Laura. Your examples were especially helpful and made it seem do-able.

  4. Thank you for these tips. I am going through my year end planning session and will keep these in mind.

  5. True, its important to ask ourselves what systems and consistent marketing can help us keep our customers engaged? Keeping the customers engaged is a very challenging task and we have to work on it every single day.

  6. Yep.. You’re right.

    And I think it’s ok to do less if we have to, so that we can dedicate the time we need for whatever we’ve already committed to.

    Focus also, right? At least for me.. geez, I’m THE best at running off on bunny trails. :)


  7. I just would like to add to that. He who is the most consistent with the right methods wins. I know how hard it can be sometimes to be consistent with communicating with our readers, and once we fall out of the scope, we can lose some people because of that. And that is something that we don’t want for our businesses.

  8. Exactly Laura, Its very important that you build and systems nd plan around your business. This helps you to build trust and also your customers to understand that you know your stuff and are dedicated.