LKR’s Gift Guide Week 1: Tools to Get Your Biz On

Have an entrepreneur friend in your life and haven’t a clue on what to get them for the holidays? Or maybe YOU still don’t know what you’d like to put on your own wish list. Team LKR has gathered our favorite small business tools that we use and love and created a three-week series, the first annual LKR Gift Guide.

This week we’re sharing a few of our favorite small business tools to help any entrepreneur do business smarter, faster and safer!

Jing (mac & PC)

Jing is a great software for both PC and Mac user to create quick screencasts. The basic version is free and is a fantastic tool for sharing quick how-tos with your team or readers.

This one stop shop allows you to capture whatever is on your screen, create an image or video, annotate it, and share it. Fast, functional and easy. Jing is definitely a favorite thing!

Text Expander (mac) & Texter (PC)

Put your customer service skills into over drive with canned replies. Since we’re a mac-loving company we use Text Expander. But whether on Text Expander or Texter, the concept is the same: when you find yourself typing the same thing more than three times, make a canned response, pop it into your text expanding software and cut through the email crunch in no time!

Both of these tools can be used across whatever platform you are writing on, whether it’s  online, in email or in a word doc. (We also love Google apps canned responses in gmail!)

1password (mac & PC)

Living in a virtual world, the importance of making sure your passwords are safe and secure should be at the top of your operations list. 1password is a super cool software that allows you to create and store your passwords all in one spot.

No more having to remember your password or keeping the same one for all of your online tools (that’s dangerous). Instead, 1password automatically creates secure passwords for you that you can access any time you need to get into your online office.

Make this one a priority and start the new year off safe!

Stay tuned, there’s more of LKR’s favorite things coming your way! Next week we share our favorite business books.

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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. WOW, this is great. I have been using Jing and I love it, this other tools are really cool, the text expander will save so much time! and I was looking for a password application, thank you

    • Hi, sorry to make a double post, but when I learned about Jing I also learned about Skitch, it makes it really easy to take snaps of your desktop like jing, but its easier to the write and signal things on the picture, to explain something to someone else. Also found today this quick an easy toll to capture costumer satisfaction to your email answers quickly and free.

  2. I would suggest lastpass and not 1password, and keep in mind that hacking also occurs there. Don’t forget your master password also or get it stolen…

  3. Great tools. I love jing! For password software I use roboform and really like it. I’ll have to check text expander

  4. For PC, there’s autohotkey for text expander. For screencasting, try screencast-o-matic and camstudio.

  5. If you wish to share your Mac Text Expander snippets in the Windows world,, please check out

  6. I really appreciate « Texter ». I have used other « marcro software », but I do appreciate this easy to use and perfect tool for my needs. Thanks Laura!

  7. I LOVE Jing too. But for passwords I like to use Roboform. Works on all my device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) Now I can’t live without it. Also great if you work with key team members and need them to access you accounts. They can access your Roboform account online and use the bookmark applet to to login. So no more emailing login info back and forth.

    Quite handy!


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