Best Practices for Building Reader Loyalty

If you’re like me, you would prefer your blog readers to visit your site each day and read your newest posts!  The challenge is that there are thousands (if not millions) of other bloggers that would love to earn your readers’ loyalty, too!  How can you compete for their attention?

By building reader loyalty!

Below are some best practices I personally employ on my site to help my readers know that I value them and to encourage returning to my site over and over again.

1.  Go to other blogs where your readers hang out!  Think about it – if you want loyal readers, why not go to them!  If you’re not sure what other blogs your readers follow, ask!  Whenever someone comments on a post or you receive an email, write back and say, “Do you have any other blogs that you recommend I check out?”  Then, start reading those blogs!  Make friends with those bloggers and begin commenting on posts.  Their readers will see your site in the comment and visit!  Also, that blogger may ask you to write a guest post which will also draw in new traffic!

2.  Make it a policy to write everyone back who posts a comment.  Now, obviously you can’t do this if your blog starts exploding with traffic, but until then, write a comment back to each reader thanking them for writing in their thoughts!  An even better strategy is to keep the conversation going by playing off their comment.

3.  Do a video thank-you.  These days webcams are cheap and easy to use.  Make a short video thanking your readers for their loyalty and ask them to tell a friend.  There is no shame in honesty and saying, “I’d really like to find more readers just like you, so please tell your friends about this site!”  Since they are already your fans, they will go and advocate for you!

If you employ just these three simple strategies, I promise your audience will feel more connected and will return over and over again to your blog.

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  1. Good advice – one of my action items for this week is exactly that – figure out where my clients/prospects hang out and go visit with them there :)

  2. Love the suggestions for personal touches – that’s what it’s all about – if you want to build loyal, raving readers, you need (to start!) with personal touches. I’ve also learned a lot about who my blog is reaching based on the comments – which is differ than who I was expecting it to reach…which is fun to see!

    • Thanks Ellen!

      Yeah, the comments are awesome because readers feel like they are part of the contributing experience. It, in many cases, adds tremendous depth to my posts. Plus, some of readers are just damned funny, which help my sometimes weak jokes. Ha.

  3. “I promise your audience will feel more connected …” Now THAT’s a goal I can get behind. Thanks for the simple tips, Delfin.

  4. It’s communication. Just like what you said, replying to comments is one way to do it. Also answering the reader’s emails is a huge thing as well. Both aren’t much when you look at it, but greatly beneficial for the blog, for us and especially the readers. Getting a reply makes them feel valued.

    • I have a policy that ANYONE who emails me receives a personal email back. I’m not so big yet that I can’t manage it. In doing so I’ve communicated directly with readers in dozens of countries. Even the really gross countries like Albania! (just kidding)

  5. Despite of our condition, we should always communicate to our reader. Personal touch is really important. It’s has a great impact on them.

  6. Good ideas, will definitely keep in mind! I’m always looking for good blogs to follow.

    • If you’d like to follow mine, you will be sent via USPS Priority an XL men’s t-shirt that reads, “Absolute Best Friend of Delfin Joaquin Paris III”.

      This is a really big honor. Will you take it?

  7. Excellent advice Delfin. checked out your blog as well and its neat. Thanks for your help with this.

  8. Great tips Delfin. I love reading your blog. And I too love American Girl Dolls. My daughter has one and I’m secretly jealous that they weren’t around when I was little.

  9. This are some useful advices I will fallow them to make things better.

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