Your First 1,000 Fans: How to Get Started in Social Media Marketing

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Have you hit your first 1,000 fans? Do you have 1,000 followers on Twitter? Do you have 1,000 fans on Facebook? Well, getting to that 1,000 is not random and it’s not luck, but it remains elusive for a lot of entrepreneurs. It’s not always easy to do.

I’m Laura Roeder and I’ve done it. In fact, I now have over 15,000 followers on Facebook, over 15,000 followers on Twitter, 7,000 plus on Google+, and in this webinar I’m going to show you exactly how I did that.

The webinar I’m talking about is called “Your First 1,000 Fans.” It’s a free webinar specifically for those that are still trying to reach that 1,000 mark, how to go from zero to 1,000. In this webinar I actually go through my own personal timeline of how I built those big numbers because it’s not instant, it’s not overnight, and I knew that it would be useful for you to see an example of a real small business start it out as a solopreneur, how a small business -­- not a celebrity, not a huge corporate brand — can actually achieve these numbers and how long it takes.

I also go over some little tips and tricks that you can use right away to get your first 1,000 fans. For example, there is something that I look for on Twitter accounts. I can glance at a Twitter account and immediately know if that person is going to get to 1,000 fans or not, and I’m going to tell you what that is.

We also talk about how to think about social media. I’ve actually found that there’s a very small mindset tweak that once you’re thinking about social media in this way it’s much easier to draw in those fans and followers.

So the bottom line is you’re either at 1,000 fans or you’re not. If you’re not, join me on this free webinar.

Register now for this free webinar and leave with:

  • The one factor that tells me within the first glance if your Twitter account will be successful
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the timeline of exactly how I’ve grown my following to 18,000 on Twitter, 16,000 on Facebook, and 7,000 on Google+
  • The dead-simple secret sauce for ensuring that your social media fans actually visit your website
  • The essential mindset shift that’s necessary to start seeing results from social marketing

Your First 1,000 Fans: How To Get Started in Social Media Marketing

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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. Hi Laura, I just signed up for the Webinar, I have already reached my 1000 fan limit, but I would love to hear your tips and take my fan base to the next level. Also I noticed a neat facebook ebook offer. Is there an affiliate program for that, I would love to market it.

  2. Thanks for this, Laura. I agree with you, it’s not something that happens suddenly. It takes some time, and getting to that mark might be the toughest part of it. But once we start getting better numbers, it’s going to be easier and easier over time.

    Great post.

  3. Awesome speech! I reached my 1000 followers thanks to webinar.