Weekly Marketing Schedule for Warriors

A marketing schedule is crucial for long-term success and consistent results. Put your optimal schedule down on paper then stick to it. A schedule makes you accountable and ensures you are getting enough content and exposure out there. I’m currently leveraging this exact schedule to promote my company BusinessPirate.com

Here are the core activities needed in the weekly marketing schedule:

1-2 emails per week

Email is the #1 medium for ALL online marketers. Use MailChimp or Aweber. The key here is to deliver real value to your email subscribers. Give them free stuff like ebooks or actionable videos. Then give your subscribers a discount off your app or service. Only after you have given your subscribers free and discounted stuff can you ask them to pay full price for your solution.

2 YouTube videos per week

Keep these videos less than 3 minutes. Use Google Keyword Tool to find topics that have potential to rank you on the first page of Goolge. Laura Roeder and others have indicated that traffic coming from YouTube converts 10 times better than random cold traffic. Make sure to create these videos on your YouTube Channel. The more likes, views, and video responses you can get the higher this video will rank on Google. For more info on YouTube videos scope out this video from Laura Roeder here.

One Guest Post or Interview per week

Guests blog posts help with exposure, credibility, and SEO. Write a great piece of content (like this) and pitch it to sites that utilize guest posters. You need to sell yourself and the content in order to get published. Including a short action video along with your guest post will increase the chances that you get published. A video interview is just as good as a guest blog post. Sites like Mixergy.com, TheRiseToTheTop , or IdeaMensch are money video interview candidates.

One give-away per week

Reach out to relevant blogs in your space and see if they would like to do a give-away contest with your app. If you are doing a SaaS product offer to give the blogger 5 One Year subscriptions. Make sure the contest includes both comments and tweets. An example of a contest I did from AppSumo can be seen here. Just copy this format.

2 Blog Posts on your site per week

Use the Google Keyword Tool research to determine blog topics to go after and attempt to rank for. Think about re-purposing content. Write about one of the topics you spoke about in your YouTube videos then include that video in your post. This way you enhance your blog post and don’t have to re-create the wheel. Use basic SEO principles in every blog post.

Tweet and Facebook everyday

Tweet and Facebook early and often. Use Hootsuite and Timely.is to automate your social network marketing. Mention and reach out to customers, friends, and experts on Twitter/Facebook. Twitter is awesome for customer service. Tweets shot out earlier in the day will have better performance and reach. At least 3 tweets and one Facebook update per day.

This schedule will help you in every aspect of your online marketing strategy but it is not perfect. Unbounce did an EPIC Free ebook focused on a 6-month Online Marketing schedule. You get it in exchange for a tweet here.

What did I miss? Please comment below and let me know!


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Matt SmithMatt Smith is the co-founder of BusinesPirate.com. He was previously one of the BizDev guys at AppSumo and is currently getting his MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. His current venture, Business Pirate, helps educate sales and marketing pros through online video courses. When he is not playing on the computer, he likes to exercise and eat raw fish in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.


  1. Thanks for the great post, Matt! This year I’m really focusing on improving my marketing tactics, and this schedule is the perfect guideline to help me get on course. It’s ambitious yet achievable. I’m looking forward to diving in! Thanks again!

    • Hey Shannon,

      Glad you liked the post.

      The most important thing is to make a schedule that works for you and stick to it.

      One thing I did not include in the article is using article marketing.

      Sites like eZine Articles allow you to submit one article that can be picked up on tons of sites/blogs.

      Article marketing may be a great way to bypass “selling” your guest posts and may save you a bit of time.

      Made this video to go with the post is you are interested: http://youtu.be/1S1kddP_v4M


  2. As much as I like this post, subscribers find 2 emails per week a little too much.

  3. I have to agree with Eddie here… I think 2 emails per week may be excessive for my list but that may not be the case for you. I would trade that extra email for an extra blog post. Constant communication & staying in front of your audience seems to be the point of this post…

    • Hey Joyce and Eddie,

      Email frequency does depend on your unique product/service.

      BUT the more you engage, market to, and email your list the greater the relationship will be.

      In this article by Hubspot (http://bit.ly/AddwjI) it says that unsubs and CTR stay the same no matter the number of emails so…

      “The takeaway here is that since most companies already email their lists once a week, they might as well start emailing more often, if they have valuable offers and information to share, since there does not seem to be a marked penalty for doing so.”

      Hope this helps!


      • I am a hub spot certified professional Matt and Yes, I’ve read that post, But there is something about it that I cannot relate to. I’ve been able to sell effectively to my email list by sending few and only if required emails.

  4. Great guest post Matt. Content curation can help with the blog content development as long as it is done effectively through adding your own interesting interpretation and value-add. Content curation can be played from both sides (e.g. embed a YouTube video from another user or have your video be embedded) and is a true win-win. Constructive , non-spammy blog commenting (i.e. add to the conversation) and LinkedIn engagement can be a helpful way to round out the “portfolio” of online marketing, especially for B2B lead generation and SEO. Online video driven by broad mobile (smartphone/tablet) adoption is transforming the Internet and Internet marketing before our eyes. Glad you mentioned Mail Chimp (user otherwise unaffiliated) is a great, free tool to get started with email marketing and can save users lots $ each month from fees other email marketing systems charge. No need for a paid EMS until they outgrow the free version of Mail Chimp (which for many, is never!). Integrated content between all channels is the Holy Grail for lead nurturing and sales. Thanks for sharing this awesome weekly Internet marketing schedule!

  5. There are some people who could email me 5 times a day, and I’d eat it up like catnip–their stuff is just that useful! People have got to get into testing and tweaking, as opposed to blanket statements like “2 emails per week is too much.” List segmentation and tracking will allow you to determine how much is too much for your list. I just hate to think I’m leaving money and stronger relationships on the table because I’m making unfounded assumptions based on internet urban legends!

    Great post Matt, usable and practical!

  6. Hello Matt / Laura …. loved the post!

    Just the kick in the butt… uh I mean inspiration :) to get 2012 off to a massive action start adhering to a solid marketing game plan.

    Perhaps I should tape your checklist on my wall to be my visual cue (accountability reminder)! Reminds me of that quote that goes something like “don’t confuse action with motion”.


    http://www.kidsrideonvehicles.com …. where childhood memories come alive!

  7. Fairly doable. I think I’ll give your post a try. :) Since the new year has began, it’s also time to start it the right way when it comes to my online business. Hopefully how we start the year off, is also how we end it. With a bang.

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