7 Smokin’ Hot Health Tips For The Busy Entrepreneur

I get it. You have a lot on your plate. You have jumped into the world of entrepreurism at some point and my gosh, it is a ton of work. You wear a lot of hats to get things done and on top of it all you have to tend to normal life stuff as well.

Now don’t get me wrong, I get you really love what you do and you wouldn’t trade it in for the world, but sometimes you are just dog tired and can’t seem to make a dent in your ever growing to-do list.

You can’t possibly find the time to squeeze in figuring out how to gain more energy so you can increase your productivity, meet your goals, and keep that gung-ho spirit alive.

I have got your golden ticket, my friend. I am bushwhacking back all of those nasty weeds on the downhill path of assured burnout, so you can streamline your process to health faster and easier.

1) Put Three On The Line. At the end of every workday choose THREE things that you are going to focus on crossing off your list the next day. Not five, not ten, but three. You may actually get more done in a day than you would normally in a week.

2) Master The Art Of Boxing. Time boxing is used by some of the most successful people in the world. There are different versions out there, but I suggest breaking up your day into time chunks of 60 minutes/60 minutes/30 minutes. So for 50 minutes you are going to focus on getting one of your set intentions completed… no email, no cell, nothing but you and that intention meeting eye-to-eye. Then take a 10 minute break to roll it out, move your body, release your shoulders down from your ears. Sit back down for another 50-10 cycle. After the second round, you earned a 30-minute break.

3) Eat For Maximum Energy. So, on that 30 minute break we just mentioned, this is when you eat a light, organic, healthy meal to keep your energy going. Make sure that it includes some protein to keep your blood sugar levels stable, avoiding that nasty crash-and-burn villain. I highly recommend “happy meat” meaning no hormones, no antibiotics, and if red meat, preferably grass fed. No need to clog up your thinking power with added chemicals.

5) Become Faster Than A Speeding Bullet. I am talking about exercise here. You must get out, drink up some fresh air, and realize that a whole world exists outside of your office/cubicle/kitchen-table-turned-desk. Go join it for a minimum of a thirty-minute brisk walk or run every day and break a sweat at least three times a week.

6) Ninjas Need Downtime Too. If you want to build a business with ninja-like grace and speed, you need to catch some ZZZZZZs. Sleeping around 8 hours a day will recalibrate your body and mind so you can bounce outta bed in the morning, ready to take on the world.

7) Ease Up On The Reins, Cowboy! Trying to control every situation and putting pressure on yourself to know all the answers is, in two words, utterly exhausting. There comes a time when you need to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and admit it is time to get the support you need with your health. Find your trusted health resource that can sift through the mountains of information out there for you and deliver the answers you need in a cut-to-the-chase way.

So there you have it! Being healthy just doesn’t have to be that hard. All you need to do is stay realistic, be level-headed, and get the support you need to stay on top of your game.

Put the 7 Smokin’ Hot Health Tips For The Busy Entrepreneur into action and see the direction of your health take a major upward turn pronto. I want to hear your voice, so leave a comment on which of the “seven smokies” hit you the hardest and shifted your way of thinking and being.


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  1. thanks Kerry, really good advice! I’m terrible at remembering to take breaks. Working from home is a challenge as it can be hard to separate work from downtime.

  2. I know, believe me. Right there with you sister… set a timer on your computer or phone so that when that ringer goes off, you stop what you are doing, get up and shake it out. Time your breaks too… that way you will stay on task.

    Let us know how it goes…


  3. Hi Kerry,

    Great advice. My days are way more productive when I implement this practice. And, when I remember to drink plenty of water.

    I set the timer for 50 minutes, and mid-word get up and walk away from my computer. You might not stop thinking about what you were doing, those wheels may still be spinning, although perhaps when you return the sentence may finish fresher. And, your brain rejuvenated with some water!


  4. Kerry, I love your attitude and your authority. Way to go!

    The time boxing resonated with me, and I’m going to implement right away. It synchs with the concepts (with some variations) espoused in “18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done” by Peter Bregman. I tend to spend too much unbroken time at the computer, and I am beginning to have neck problems and rounding shoulders, in spite of going regularly to the gym, so clearly I need to take more short breaks.

    Thanks for this great article.

    • Thanks Elizabeth! And thanks for the book recommendation as well… will look into it.

      As a bodyworker for years I worked with so many clients that had the same problems you are in regards to alignment and posture. I suggest you put a post-it reminder on your computer that is BRIGHT NEON and you cant miss with a cute message that not only makes you smile, but makes you get up, shake it out, sit straighter, and breathe.

      Let’s keep talking over at http://www.kerrytepedino.com


  5. thank to ! post

  6. really good advice…thankyou, im terrible at taking time out, mainly because i work from home, i dont actually get to leave the premises so to speak like office wrokers do

  7. This is amazing advice Kerry. I have had a hard time separating projects that need to get done and my other business duties. You have given me a great way to map things out every day. I love it!

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