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The Ultimate Pinterest Guide Part One: How To Set Up Your Pinterest Account

Joining Pinterest The frenzy over the online corkboard, Pinterest, has even the most skeptical of social media users addicted. Remember when Facebook and Google+ were invite only? Currently Pinterest is the same, when you enter the site you will be greated with a box prompting you to request an invite or login. If requesting an… [Read More]

Is Kim Kardashian Better Than You?

I asked that question to shock you, but it holds a seed of truth in it. Kim has succeeded in being famous for what many people write-off as shallow, ‘superficial’ reasons. Maybe you’ve heard them: “Kim’s famous for being beautiful”, “famous for ‘nothing’”, or “famous for being herself”. The implication is that she’s without any… [Read More]

How to Uncover Your Dream Solopreneur Business in 7 Steps

“I want to start my own business but I just don’t know what I’m passionate about.” I hear this gripe all the time from my would-be solopreneur clients as they grapple with finding a business they want to pursue. If you’re contemplating starting up a one-man or one-woman shop, chances are you love the idea… [Read More]

Fearless Public Speaking: Learning to Shine On Stage

As a solopreneur, many of us feel comfortable and even reasonably confident sharing our views with hundreds of people on social media. But take away the computer screen and thrust us out onto a stage in front of real live people, and the majority of solopreneurs come unstuck. Sweaty palms, dry mouth, fuzzy brain –… [Read More]

The Five-Step Plan for Tackling Information Overload

The Internet is nothing short of amazing. You want to learn about something, anything, and with the power of Google and now Pinterest (yes, I think Pinterest is giving Google a run for it’s money…but that’s for another article) you can learn about nearly anything. This is amazing for the small business or solopreneur. It’s… [Read More]

Healthy, Wealthy and Happy: Is It Possible?

With only so many hours in the day, and a multitude of competing demands, it can feel like you must make the choice between healthy, wealthy or happy. To have all seems totally unachievable. Fortunately, it is possible. It simply takes making the decision to be all of these, wiping all other options off the… [Read More]

Facebook Ads: “Like” Them or Leave Them?

Facebook advertising can be a great complement to your online marketing strategy. I’m not saying it’s the end-all-be-all, but using it smartly can be game-changing for your small business. There’s so much great content here on Laura’s site about how to leverage Facebook to grow your business.  Everything from creating a page for your business… [Read More]

Growing Your Business From a Seed to a Success

Has a small child ever asked you, “Where do babies come from?” As an adult, have you ever wondered where do people come up with inventions or ideas for a new business? Well, believe it or not, babies, inventions, and business ideas all come from the same magical place of “conception”. Many conceptions come forth… [Read More]

LinkedIn Leads: 6 Tips to Implement Now

While all of the eyes have been on Facebook and Twitter lately, LinkedIn has been silently growing their Internet empire. The average LinkedIn user makes $109,703 a year and 49% of them are business decision makers. I’m going to show you how to tap into this well and generate leads, prospects, and perhaps even land… [Read More]