Growing Your Business From a Seed to a Success

Has a small child ever asked you, “Where do babies come from?” As an adult, have you ever wondered where do people come up with inventions or ideas for a new business? Well, believe it or not, babies, inventions, and business ideas all come from the same magical place of “conception”. Many conceptions come forth first from the invisible air realm or thought form.

The idea to have a baby, create the next latest and greatest gadget, or start a new business can first wake you in the middle of the night with endless possibilities. Then you may find yourself daydreaming about it. This is where I found myself several years ago and finally, I launched my first business as a Decorating Den Franchise owner/operator.

A year and a half into the business, I discovered a simple, yet powerful secret. It took me from a place of “what have I gotten myself into” into a new place where I stepped into a role that I was familiar with. That was the role of being a mother. My hope is to reach at least one person who will benefit from my experience and be able to move beyond the “what have I gotten myself into” dramas that a new business can bring.

Once I took a look at how my business was my baby, everything shifted and fell into place. Remember, I was 18 months into my business before I was introduced to the analogy of my business being a baby. My business was the toddler that was running the household and the rest of my life was just not happening.

Those who have a business working from home can maybe relate to the same feelings I experienced. Basically, there was no work-life balance and everything evolved around my business baby. When I was home, I was in my office. Everything I did and everywhere I went I took the baby with me. Sound familiar?

I later came to understand that once the seed thought of a new business is conceived, it then gestates just like a baby in a mother’s womb, as it comes into form. Steps are taken (akin to preparing for the birth of a baby) to get the business plan and structure in place. Just as a mother cares for the unborn child, the future business owner also nourishes their unborn business baby.

As business owners we take the necessary earthy steps of getting loans, license fees, insurance, etc. We can’t forget office supplies, technology needs and social marketing any more than we would forget the crib and the diapers. Hopefully, in the midst of marketing and networking about the launch of your new business you get some rest as well. Rest is important to the new parent and to the new business owner. And yes, the birthing of a business can come with labor pains.

Once I had given birth and had launched my new venture I was not prepared for the late night feedings as I sat in my office night after night putting design jobs together. Nor, was I prepared for the many hours of multiple daytime feedings required for marketing and networking. The action realm of fire continued as I took my business baby to day care meetings with the Home Builders Association, Chamber meetings, Regional Franchise meetings and classes galore.

When the phone rang, I answered it with the affection of a parent picking up a crying infant. This was one of many places where the emotional water realm came into play and the phase I was in when I finally figured out…I had given birth to and had been caring for a needy, crying baby!

With this new awareness, that I had a baby, the foundational earth pieces of my business routine fell into place. I realized I had moved from the crying infant and crawling stages into the toddler stage. I was soon in rhythm with the yearly cycles of my business and it then quickly grew into an active teenage athlete. Afterschool activities came with Home Show awards, design workshops and even publications in local newspapers. The self-sustaining and thriving adult business model was totally grounded in a working business system when the unexpected happened. Burnout can happen when we are unbalanced in the action realm of fire. My burnout eventually resulted in a full blown illness that closed my business. With the loss of my business, I then moved me into the emotional water of grief. Even though it had grown into an adult, it was still the child I had loved and nurtured for 7 years.

Eventually, I was able to re-frame the loss and began to think of myself as an empty nester. My child had grown up and moved out. It was welcomed home for visits from time to time in the form of freelancing design jobs for several years. My skilled business adult-self later accepted a position with a major national retailer as a Field Manager for 26 stores. Once again, I used the analogy of my new corporate career as a baby and I quickly moved through the various stages of birthing a new career and raising a child.

I now find myself re-birthing another new business as a result of a corporate downsize. This time, I am much more prepared for the many stages of life that are reflected within a business model. How to use the analogy of a child with the combined wisdom of earth, air, fire, water and spirit gives me an advantage. This allows me to sleep at night with the ease and confidence of having been a seasoned business owner, corporate Sales Manager, Natural Rhythms expert and a most importantly, a Mother. After all, a Mother or Parent is the glue that holds it all together…which is what spirit is all about!


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paula yorkFor more information on working with the elemental forces, you can read “Nature’s Success System” that Paula York co-authored with Lisa Michaels and 7 other amazing women in business. She brings meaning to being a House Whisperer through her unique understanding of a physical space and how it relates to the inner soul space. Paula’s deep intuitive skills have been developing since the age of 6 years old where she was guided by her blind grandfather to see beyond her physical eyes. She brought to life her dream of owning and operating her own business as a franchise owner and certified Feng Shui consultant. After a downsized corporate career in the retail world as a Field Sales Manager for 26 stores she is back to enjoying her own business as a House Whisperer, Creation Coach and Natural Rhythms facilitator.


  1. A very interesting way of looking at growing a business. Great post

  2. very interesting….thinking of your work as your baby and combining it with the elements, have you ome across (and tried) fung shui to help with your business?

  3. Working your business from the bottom up is something that you can do if you are persistent and hardworking.

  4. We learned something newhere now I’m good for today. Thanks!

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