Healthy, Wealthy and Happy: Is It Possible?

With only so many hours in the day, and a multitude of competing demands, it can feel like you must make the choice between healthy, wealthy or happy.

To have all seems totally unachievable.

Fortunately, it is possible. It simply takes making the decision to be all of these, wiping all other options off the table, and following up with some focused action.

It’s the thoughts you think and the actions you take every single day that make up your life experience. They determine whether you are successful, how good you feel, the contribution you make, the financial abundance you receive and whether you have the health and energy to do what makes you happy, every single day.

Here are some of the best ways to create it all.

Create a daily morning ritual
Having a morning ritual that you do everyday upon waking will give you clarity, calmness and nourishment. Choose to do activities that make you feel centered and balanced so that you move into your day from a place of inner harmony, before life distracts you.

Even five minutes of activities like deep breathing, meditation, writing in a journal, reading a page of an inspirational book, stretching, yoga, exercise, etc, makes a huge difference.

Nix the heavy breakfast
To be productive and successful in life, you must feel well and have the energy to take action.
Contrary to what you may have heard, eating a big meal in the morning will only detract from your energy. Instead, fuel your body with nourishment that will require the least amount of digestive effort possible.

That’s where fresh vegetable juice comes in. It gives superior alkalinity, nutrition and hydration while requiring minimal digestive energy. Replace the coffee!

Eat clean foods
Clean foods, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables, will give to your energy and health. All other foods detract from your health and energy. To be successful in your life and tasks, you need to have the energy and clarity that drives action.

Aim to make every meal at least 50% fresh vegetable based. Drink fresh vegetable juice. Snack on fruit or vegetable crudités with fresh salsa and guacamole.

The big productivity secret
Pick the most challenging, important or profitable task to do first in your workday. Once this is achieved, the other tasks can be more easily managed and with less stress. It will also build momentum and keep you achieving for the rest of the day. Give yourself a reward after you finish your most challenging task so that you feel inspired to get it done as efficiently as possible.

Schedule and stick to it!
Create a balance of work and playtime every day by setting boundaries of what time you will work and (just as important) not work. Allow time to exercise, meditate, juice, cook, connect with loved ones, get fresh air, buy fresh produce and whatever else is important to you. This will also make you more efficient and productive in the time you do have.

Don’t procrastinate or multi-task
Focus on one task at a time and do it with your whole focus. You will get a far better result, create less overwhelm for yourself, feel more empowered and be more financially abundant as a result!

Move regularly
Moving your body is vital to having consistently great energy and feeling great, which of course feeds success. It doesn’t have to be hours at the gym slogging away on the elliptical – a walk in fresh air is perfect.

You can also exercise regularly throughout the day to give yourself short breaks. A quick dance can do the trick!

Work with a coach
Working with an experienced coach will fast track you towards your goals, give you a safe and objective place to express and release to, help to break through limitations and give you someone who supports and believes in you.

Laugh and play
Playtime is not just for very small humans in diapers. It’s for you too. What’s the point in achieving one thing after another if you are not enjoying yourself and feeling happy and alive along the way? A slew of certificates or completed checklists mean nothing if you are living in misery.

Find what makes you feel like a kid again. Then do it – today – and every day after that.

Get your 8
How can you expect to be calm, balanced, happy or successful when you are running on only a few hours of sleep? Make your sleep sacred by getting into bed at least eight hours before your alarm goes off, take some deep breaths and clear your mind.

Tomorrow you get to wake up, enjoy your beautiful morning ritual and live another day of wealth, health and happiness. How’s that for awesome!

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