Is Kim Kardashian Better Than You?

I asked that question to shock you, but it holds a seed of truth in it. Kim has succeeded in being famous for what many people write-off as shallow, ‘superficial’ reasons.

Maybe you’ve heard them: “Kim’s famous for being beautiful”, “famous for ‘nothing'”, or “famous for being herself”. The implication is that she’s without any real talent.

Doesn’t matter.

Kim’s achieved results; and you can too.

What can you learn from studying her success?

Some of what Kim Kardashian does is replicable, and some is more unique to her. It’s all about taking what you can use – so read each section, pick one and act!

1. Kardashians focus on their strengths.

In 2007, Gallup asked thousands of US workers a question: “At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?” Only 32% of people said that they did.

Kim’s merchandise, blog, and shows focus family and fashion.

Kim uses her strength in every breath and doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not, how about you?

If there’s anything that you like, DEVELOP IT.

Being known for something is sometimes called a niche. Famous brands are power-players in their niche.

Choose what you want to be known for, and make it something that suits you.

QUICK START: Want a quick way to get started? Get a sheet of paper, list your skills, interests, and values, then quickly go through them and write a number between 1-5. Look at all the 4s + 5s and now you can see things you really shine at. Combine them into something unique and memorable. Make it your brand.

2. Kardashians see the best in things.

Kim was involved in a few scandals – which today, most people have either forgotten about or don’t care about.

A huge scandal is a ‘big deal’ for some people (Former President Clinton, for example.)

Kim however, was able to use so-called ‘scandal’ to her advantage, and came out looking great. The phrase “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” makes more sense when you are masterful at seeing the good in things.

If Kim can spin a ‘lack of any real talent’ into super-stardom, you can improve your fame, using whatever resources you have currently have.

QUICK START: Want a quick way to get started? Get a sheet of paper (or a word doc), and write 5 separate things you think are ‘bad’ about you, your brand, or your business.

Beside them, write down a positive story about those items. Ex: If you’re in debt, a positive spin might be: “Many of the world’s greatest successes entered into great debt, I’m following in their footsteps.”

3. Kardashians leverage social media.

Social media is the current leading edge of fame and recognition.

Here are just a few stats from the IBM Portal Of Excellence Conference a couple years ago, and it’s only grown since then.

  • Twitter: 65,000,000 Tweets per day, 2 000, 000, 000 Tweets per month
  • YouTube: 2 Billion videos daily on YouTube
  • Facebook: 400,000,000+ active users
  • Dollars: 86% Of Companies spent more on social media in 2010

The flow of traffic, attention, and money passing through social media portals is massive and growing, and Kim leverages it very well. Kim’s consistently in WeFollow’s top Twitter users, and at time of this writing she has nearly 11 million Facebook fans.

Kim started from 0 followers, just like anyone else, and her broadcasts always reflect her strengths: fashion and family.

QUICK START: Want a quick way to get started? Ask questions. Hopefully you have a follower or two before you try this one. Take some of your strengths, and ask questions about them on Facebook or Twitter. If you love cars, write “If you were a car, what car would you be, and why?”, and watch the response. Then try it again. Then again. Soon, you will have trained your followers to respond to your questions.

4. Kardashians Use Their Name

The Kardashian TV show is called Keeping up with the Kardashians. Their logo is back-to-back K’s. Their store is called “D-A-S-H”, taken from the middle of their name, Kardashian.

So what’s the meaning of names and initials?

Kevin Hogan again sheds some light. He digs deep into the power of initials. Initials are powerful — they’re a psychological tool, they provide leverage.

“Do you like your name and initials?…As the research has shown, sometimes you like the initials enough to influence other important behaviors…Scientists call this phenomenon the ‘name-letter effect’ and say that it is influential enough to encourage the pursuit of name- resembling life outcomes and partners.”
– Kevin Hogan

Names and letters are part of identity and understanding the power of your target’s identities means being able to use them.

Statistically, people gravitate towards their own initial. Eminem, Kim Kardashian, even Jay-Z (who’s real name is Sean Carter), also use the power of initials.

This effect shows up all throughout our culture.

QUICK START: Want a quick way to get started? Leverage your initials. Use them a bit more often. If you don’t like yours, change them. Give yourself a nickname, get your followers to join in. Whatever you can come up with, realize the power of names and letters, and get creative.

5. Kardashians hang with other celebrities.

Do you ever imagine yourself hanging out with someone a bit different than your normal circles? Or do you just move through life expecting to have your same ol’ reliable people?

Did you ever make friends with an older kid in school? How about a cooler one?

There’s no reason you can’t have a friend who’s more famous, accomplishing more, and aiming higher — but to do that, you have to aim higher first, and you may find that you enjoy their circles more than your old ones.

Paris Hilton introduced Kim Kardashian powerfully to the socialite scene. ‘Famous’ people need friends too, and often have trouble finding ‘real ones’ and reaching out to them in this day and age is easier than ever.

(Well, at least physically through social media.)

Even connecting to anyone slightly ‘more famous’ than you, helps. The up-and-comers of today are next weeks celebrities.

Associating with a more-established or more well-known person in any industry, will rub off on you.

Aim higher.

You may not hit your exact famous friend mark, but even aiming will get you started towards meeting mid-level players in an industry, and mid-level players can change the life of a just-getting-started player.

QUICK START: Want a quick way to get started? Write down 5 top-seated, power-players in industries that are interesting to you. Rock-climbing, music, technology, whatever. These will be people like Mark Zuckerberg, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, etc. Then write down mid-level players who are easier to connect with. The high-level players managers, ad agencies, proteges, up-and-comers in their field. If you don`t know any, then great! You know your next step, find out – do your research!

Wrap It Up

There are lots and lots more principles at work, and it’s a subject I talk about deeply, but these 5 principles have hopefully given you a powerful jump on things.

I love fame, I love success, I want you to have it too, and I know this helped.

@Kim Kardashian is a pretty hot topic, and I’d love to hear any thoughts you have on her and her fame. If you try any of the Quick-Start exercises, let me know in the comments!


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  1. Erin O'Brien says:

    Jason, love this! You have some great points. What do you know, something I, as a social media manager, can take from Kim Kardashian!

    • Hooray! I’m psyched to here it, Erin, I aim to please ;)

      And who knows, if you and Kim were ever to meet or connect, I bet you’d have something she could take, too :)

  2. wow! really interesting post, was amazed to read that people gravitate towards their own initial. weeird!

    • Thanks, Alex! I’m glad you found it interesting.

      It’s a very subtle thing that most people don’t pay attention to, but once you realize it, you start to see it quickly, everywhere :)

      Having the name Alex is amazing because, although I didn’t mention it in the post, people with early letters in the alphabet tend to get things first pick / best pick.

      Rock on and ryze up!

  3. I believe that in some aspects Kim K’s apperance is the merchandise. So the if she is better than me, personally no shes not but marketing wise yes she is.

    • Thanks for that, Mark!

      Was Kim magically born with that appearance, or has she put a lot of thought, care, time, energy, and attention to cultivate it and work with what she has?

      The “the better than you” thing — is mainly a dramatic device to break people’s zombie-trance.

      Most people go through life ‘dismissing’ Kim Kardashian, they have made a decision and now they want to move through life without ever reconsidering it or changing it or opening their minds.

      When I say “Is Kim Kardashian Better Than You?” it gets people thinking.

      If they click on my post headline, they are definitely giving her more active thought, and hopefully learning something.

      Maybe it even leads them back to for even more unique questions and views ;)


      Thanks again!

  4. Great post!
    They [the Kardashians] fully understand how to convert popularity to gold. We follow their every move because everyone else does, that’s how the human mind works.
    Even if you don’t like them, you want to follow them. Look at is this way: That annoying TV commercial for washing detergent… Anoying, but we all know the brand now. ;)

    • ROFL, JanB, I love it.

      I think you hit on something really important.

      “Attention” is a vital part of the economy of every business. Mastering this area rocks.

      “Popularity” is a vital part of the economy of every business. This rocks also.

      *CONVERTING* those things to dollars, is an uber-pro move. Learn it. Now.


      Thanks so much!

  5. Some good tips and ideas in this post, thanks for sharing, Please take the time to visit my blog on how to make commissions with Twitter Marketing –

  6. Very nice writeup. I’m not one of those people who hates on Kim Kardashian. Instead I applaud her for taking a horrible situation and turning it into a very nice career. She’s proven to be tough and smart and a go-getter, and anyone who believes those are horrible qualities isn’t ever going to try to be anything else. Sure, it helps that she came from a family that already had money, but she hasn’t relied on family money.

    Is she better than me? No, I don’t think so. Has she had some opportunities I haven’t? Absolutely. But has she taken advantage of those opportunities to make a great life for herself, and done it honestly. Yeah, I think so; and thus, no hate.

    • Mitch! Thank you so much :) I really appreciate you sharing your viewpoint here.

      It’s refreshing to meet someone who applauds Kim and what she’s accomplished.

      Being tough, smart, and a go-getter are key success traits, and the people who hate on her usually aren’t accessing those ;)

      Hahahah… yeah, you said it. She takes advantage of opportunities well.

      Now here’s a question for you, Mitch, “is it possible to create more opportunities for yourself?”

    • Cheers to that, Mitch!

      Head over to and we can create some opportunities together! :)

  7. The buzz that I’ve heard about Kim has always been people critizing her fame and success but I love that you studied her accomplishments and showed how others can have the same success. Totally genius!

    • Ella! Thank you! You’ve hit on something important — you’re right the buzz about Kim is most people hating on her lol.

      Thing is, she really is exceptionally accomplished and had the mental and emotional strength to do what most people haven’t.

      She’s also employed incredibly smart moves in business and life.

      Thanks so much for sharing your views :)\

      And if you want to spread more positive buzz about Kim, and show that she’s a real person with a lot to offer, please share this post – the world appreciates it!