LinkedIn Leads: 6 Tips to Implement Now

While all of the eyes have been on Facebook and Twitter lately, LinkedIn has been silently growing their Internet empire. The average LinkedIn user makes $109,703 a year and 49% of them are business decision makers. I’m going to show you how to tap into this well and generate leads, prospects, and perhaps even land you a $60,000+ per year job.

I’m going to assume that you are already on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. In order to properly leverage LinkedIn, I recommend that you are available to reach on on all of your networks. I want to get right into the meat and bones and empower you by giving you a step-by-step guide that will walk you through exactly what to do.

Tip#1: Fill Out a Complete LinkedIn Profile

I hate to put this as a rule because it seems so obvious, but it never ceases to amaze me how many people have ugly profiles that have very little information on them. You want to make sure that you fill your LinkedIn profile out 100%. Think of your LinkedIn profile as a resume. You wouldn’t submit your resume to your dream job with incomplete information. Here is an example of what not to do with your LinkedIn profile.

Tip #2: Vanity Urls

A vanity URL is a the link to your profile that has been shortened. The default link will look like this: You want to make sure that your link is shortened so it looks this: This will help you rank on the major search engines as well.

Tip #3: Join the OpenLink Network

The true power in LinkedIn is in how many connections you can make. The problem is that unless you are a first degree connection with someone, sending them a private message is going to cost you money. LinkedIn calls these private messages InMail. The cost of these precious resources are $10 each. LinkedIn does this to discourage spammers and to reinforce the value of being able to reach out to someone directly. You can spare your potential prospects that hassle by joining the OpenLink Network. The OpenLink Network is a way to allow Premium account holders to directly message you at no cost. This will increase the amount of people trying to reach out to you. You also get a badge that goes next to your name that will really make you pop out from the rest of the crowd.

Tip #4: Pimp Yo’ Profile

I’m going to share with you my super secret ninja tips to make your LinkedIn Profile bling bling. I’m going to show you exactly what has been successful for me, and what to avoid so you don’t look like the biggest tool on LinkedIn.

  • Copy and paste this ? in front of your first name. At first glance the star almost seems like a LinkedIn feature. This simple trick will make your profile really stand out without being tacky. The star also has an underlying message which implies you are a star.
  • Edit your professional headline to include all of the keywords in your industry. Think of this as search engine optimizing your LinkedIn Profile. Most people will put things like: “Owner and CEO of GKN Boring Express” or “Self Motivated Self Starter with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.” Nobody cares. Your real objective is to maximize that space to make you more visible, and to communicate specific specialties or knowledge. Make those keywords very specific. If you are an expert on a piece of software that’s the standard in your industry and it’s a highly sought after skill, You’ll see mine below. If you notice I have a ? next to Lead Generation. Adding ? to the most important keyword on your headline will add an extra touch.

Tip #5: Make a Video Presentation

This trick will make your profile really pop. Very few people on LinkedIn leverage the power of video. This video has made me a lot of money and I hope it will do the same for you. I would purchase the software Camtasia or Screenflow. Camtasia and Screenflow are screen capturing software. I personally use Camtasia with PowerPoint. Make a PowerPoint presentation describing what you do, and how you can give value to your your potential prospect. If you want to find a job then you need to explain in your own words projects that you have worked on, and what to expect when working with you. Then, you want to upload this video onto your Youtube Channel. The next thing you want to do is install Slideshare onto your LinkedIn Profile and upload a slide into the presenter. I use the same slide show I made my video presentation with. Slideshare will give you an option of inserting a Youtube video before the slide plays. Simply copy and paste the video URL and hit ‘insert’ and now your YouTube video will auto play.

Tip #6: Go Pro

Upgrading your LinkedIn account is one of the best investments you can make. I pay $50 a month for a premium account with Job Seeker. There are several reasons why I chose to upgrade my LinkedIn account.

  • Shows people you mean business
  • Gives you a cool premium badge that makes your profile stand out
  • Gives me 5 Inmails (Inmails are direct messages to people out of your network) that I can use to land a big job
  • If you have Jobseeker on your account you will show up as a featured applicant on any job you apply to

If you follow all of these strategies and you invest a little bit of time and money into LinkedIn, you can leverage this unique social network to make yourself excellent money and generating more leads. For more information on LinkedIn and how it can transform your business and to see what Lewis stands for, check out this free webinar done by Laura Roeder and Lewis himself. Dive into his LinkedInfluence program once you decide you want your business to succeed.

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  1. What great tips! Filling out your profile as much as possible is SO helpful– it’s got me job offers and strong partnerships.

    Something also super unused on Linkedin is the Groups feature. They’re really great places where you can strut your stuff and show your smarts (which can lead to stellar networking opps.)

  2. Ronnie, your website link is not working. Just wanted to let you know. I love the LinkedIn post. I will share this with my college students. Thanks! ~Brandy

  3. Loved your post. Very helpful indeed.
    Was it a regular star you used?
    I joined a group called something similar to openlink network but not sure it was the right one.

    Linked In is often overlooked in favour of ‘sexier’ social networks so that was a great reminder of how powerful it can be.

  4. Thanks for a great read Ronnie! LinkedIn is my favourite networking site but so many people do not understand how useful it really is. I recently wrote a blog post on how to increase your reach on LinkedIn. Would love to hear your feedback!

    Looking forward to your next post!

  5. @Rachel. I use this start ? (just copy and paste that) As for joining the Openlink network it’s actually not a group it’s a setting withing Linkedin.

    @Alexandra thanks for your input! I’m going to read over it. You can reach out to me anytime at 949-385-2022

    -?Ronnie Sandlin

  6. Interesting stuff. I’m starting to try to work my LinkedIn network and I’m finding that a lot of people have signed up and set up an initial profile but really aren’t all that interested in networking. So I’m also dropping people because my mind says if they’re not really interested in networking then they’re wasting my time.

  7. Thanks for the information, this is really good stuff, Please if you have some spare time can you visit my blog on Twitter Marketing –

  8. Thanks for posting this. We jumped ahead and did a QR code without thinking there might be a way to track the traffic. Now we can create better QR codes and find out if they’re doing us any good!

  9. Great ideas, thanks Ronnie and Laura! We’ll pass these tips to our followers, I’ll tweet it shortly.