The Ultimate Pinterest Guide Part Two: No products? No problem.

Upon writing this Tipsy Tuesday tidbit, my Yahoo! home page announces “President Obama Joins Pinterest.”

Pinterest is gaining increased momentum in the social media world. While the whole concept of “pinning” is only for images, how can a service-based business use it? Or how in the world can President Obama use it for you know, that thing coming up soon…oh yeah, an election.

While we’re not endorsing any sort of political affiliation here, this goes to show Pinterest isn’t only for the product based business. Obama has pinboards such as “Just the facts”, “Obama 2012 in action” and “Faces of change”. He’s not trying to sell Obama waterbottles or products but rather promote his business, or his presidential campaign.

So…how do you pin images if you don’t sell a product?

Post before and after shots or examples of how your business helped a customer.

Ex: You have a landscaping business. Show off that hideous backyard from last month and the new and improved yard after your service.

Run a consulting business? As long as you have an image on the page you’d like to pin, you’re fine. Pin visuals that best highlight your written content

Ex: I made a board of my favorite websites. I either used the photo, logo or another visually appealing image.

Visual content you already have!

Ex: Have silly photos of team members from last year’s company picnic or Christmas party? Share them. People love to see behind-the-scenes of your business and who runs it. You could even take headshots from everyone in the company and make a pinboard of who makes up your company.

Data or infographics

Ex: Did an end of the year survey? Share the results on Pinterest with people. Remember, if this survey is published on your website, this ultimately leads back to your site giving it traffic.

E-books or books

Create a board of your latest book or e-book. Also, include those of others that you admire and look to.

Tip: Make sure any images you are pinning are attractive and visually appealing. Pinterest is all about images and a picture is what catches the eye. If your logo isn’t the hottest thing, do you have a different picture that would catch someone’s attention? (Or maybe it’s time to think about revising your logo.)

All pinned photos require a description up to 500 characters. Join us next week where we’ll get you in the know on the basics of SEO on Pinterest.

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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. Fabulous tips, thank you! :) I’ve just started getting involved in Pinterest and this gave me some good ideas for things I can do. ;)

  2. I just started a board for my newsletter subscribers, clients and social media fans. It’s fun seeing everyone’s face up there:

  3. Yeah the more I look at Pinterest the more I find myself going back and spending more time on it. Do you think Facebook will ever try to “get in on” this new type of social media?

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  4. am new to pinterest but the more i see, the more i like, i expect Facebook will soon steal the show with their version though!

  5. Love this article and am going to pin it to my pinterest board…Must read articles! :)

  6. Recently, all the the new followers of my pinboards seem to be fake pinterest accounts. The accounts have something like 30 followers and yet they are following over a thousand. They have about 100 boards with only one or two pins in each one. The boards have very vague names and are not organized very well. When I click on some of the pins they go to a link that is unrelated to the photo.

    How do I protect myself from these people? Obviously, I don’t follow them but I can’t seem to stop them from following me. Has anyone had any experience with this??