LKR 2011 Big Ol’ Customer Survey

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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. love the infographic! :)

  2. is there more to the survey or just this one graph?

  3. Ben Groesbeck · Works at Self employed

    I look forward hearing from you, you have a lot to offer. The information that you share is invaluable and I never fail to read your EMails. Ben Groesbeck

  4. I’m in the 12% with an e-commerce store. Interesting survey results!

  5. Ruth Campbell says:

    Your team is amazing!

  6. pretty cool / interesting info -thanks for sharing.

  7. Unfortunately, I can’t see anything but the business type graphic. When I click on it, an image rolls behind the video of Laura on the right and no other infographics or survey results ever show up.

  8. Jalanda James, Videographer NYC says:

    Information products seem to be the most popular way to make money now even if you provide a local service. It’s getting so that noone will actually do anything but sell you a info product on how to do it. Interesting.

  9. Lasanthi says:

    Great infographic!

  10. Since I didn’t get to participate I want to now!

    I’d LOVE for you to do a more advance Zero to WP :D Going into WAY more detail on layout of each page, the why’s of the layout, the foundations for good copy for each segment of a site, integrating widgets in different formats for different pages and the specifics of setting up a functional membership site (WL’s tutorials are NOT all that helpful – in my opinion).

    An Steriodal version of Zero to WP would not only help me get my site shazamed out faster & better, but would also give me an awesome JV opp to refer my clients to you :D!!

    Gratzie bella per tutto quello che fate!

  11. The page that totally struck me was how much people earned.
    And the amount of people who were earning less than $50,000/year.
    I teach women to overcome their underearning mentality so they can take then take the steps on the outerlevel to increase what they earn.
    It is so inspiring to watch brilliant, creative, innovative business women release old beliefs and patterns with money that keep them stuck from earning what they desire. These unconscious blocks (like: I have to work hard to make money, OR, People with money are greedy. OR People who make a lot of money don’t spend time with their families.) Whatever they are, if unaddressed it will be nearly impossible to move into higher earnings.
    I cannot recommend to women enough- to clear these messages. I’d love to support you all in that- so you can take your unique, incredible services to more people in the world and so you can earn the income you desire! With pleasure, Donna Otmani

  12. These are amazing survey results though you didn’t state how many respondents you had. I love the infographic though. What stood out to me was the number of people who don’t stay subscribed to The Dash. Is that by design? And also, the 5% that earn over $500,000 – are they also ones who create income in multiple ways (i.e. info products and xxx)? I think interviewing them and sharing how they use social media to grow and sustain their business ventures, retain and attract customers, etc would be great via skype or podcast (or both).

    • I’m with Yolanda ! The ones that took part in the survey whom earn over $500K or at least are “six figure income earners” would be interesting to know more about them … and what attracts them to “The Dash” :-)

      Also, was that how many people were actively subscribed to The Dash and replied to the survey or can you (LKR) verify generally how long most people stay with your eList ?

  13. Very interesting info here! Nice one!

  14. There’s a link just below the image to open up the full infographic!
    Hope that helps. :)

  15. Great information!! Thank you:)