Maximizing Facebook: The New Pinning and Highlighting Tools for Facebook Pages

Highlight Feature
Your Facebook Page can get pretty busy and important photos, videos, articles or announcements can end up lost in the shuffle.

The new Highlight feature for Facebook Timeline allows you to showcase the posts that you think are important and show them off to your audience.

Simply go to that post and click on the star in the upper right hand corner of it. This will expand your post to two columns wide. You can highlight as many posts as you like, but only posts created by the page, not by the people that like your page.

Pinning Feature
Facebook’s new Pinning feature also allows you to call attention to an important update by moving it to the top of your Facebook page.

To pin a post, go to the upper right hand corner next to the star (highlight button) and hover over the pen icon. The drop down menu will have an option that says “Pin to Top”.

The post will move to the top of your Page’s timeline with an orange flag in the upper right hand corner.

Page admins can only pin posts created by the Page, not posts from “likers”.

Not sure what to pin? Try out your most popular question, your latest blog post, or a link to an article that features your business. Whatever you pin stays up for 7 days before going back to its original place on the Page.

What’s The Difference?
While pinning moves a post to the top of your Page, highlighting simply expands a post across both columns of your Page while staying in the same position and same original post date. You cannot pin and highlight the same post at the same time.



Both pinning and highlighting draw attention to a specific post. Remember, when highlighting a post, it will stay like that indefinitely. Highlighting is best used for photos, videos or articles that you’d like to stand out as someone reads through the history of your page. Pinning a post to the top is best for timely posts such as news or limited time promotions as they only stay pinned for 7 days.

The new highlighting and pinning options are just a couple of the newest ways Facebook Timeline for Page’s helps businesses market themselves. Try them out today!

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  1. I’ll have to look into this pinning that Facebook is doing! I went to my page and tried to pin my wordpress articles on my FB page but it doesn’t give me an option . . . is it only for posts written in Facebook?