10 Ways to Sky-rocket Your Online Biz

If you’ve only had a handful of subscribers in the past month, your product sales are at an all-time low or you’re simply feeling demotivated, it’s time to put some life back into your business.

Here are 10 ways to fly higher than you ever have before:

1. Collaborate and connect. Submit a guest blog, start a blog series, do an interview, plan a blog tour. Be seen, get heard. Hang out with A-listers in your industry. Get new traffic that has never visited your site before. Check out LKR’s Creating Fame program and learn how to become the go-to person in your field.

2. Zhoosh up your best-selling product. Make it sell like hot cakes. Add another cool bonus gift, offer a free chapter to download if it’s an ebook, have a competition offering your product as a prize (something that requires people to comment on your blog). Make your sales page hot.

3. Make it visual. Include more pictures in your blog. Beautiful pictures that people will want to pin on Pinterest. Pin it yourself. Attract more readers by making your site explode with interesting images that match what your content is about. Use infographics, products/services, anything that shows off your business. Learn more about Pinterest here.

4. Shine for the media. Pitch your story to magazines. Contact TV shows. Speak at events. Get interviewed. Jump out the box you have put yourself in. Radiate the real you.

Microphone by Paul Hudson

5. Use videos on your site. People remember only 10% of what they read, but 50% of what they hear and see. Enough said.

6. Ensure your website is stellar. Look at the websites of the 10 top people in your field. Is yours in the same ballpark? If it’s not, change what isn’t working.

7. Ask for feedback. Offer something for free in return for some valuable insight and criticism from your readers. Ask what they love, what they hate, what they would change and what they want more of. Then exceed their expectations.

8. Brainstorm. Set aside a day just to come up with new ideas, marketing plans, product innovations and biz strategy. This high dose of inspiration will flood your creative veins with new life.

9. Work hard. You can’t expect a business to be a huge success if you’re hanging out on Facebook all day. Be prepared to sweat. Put in the hours and the slog. It will pay off. Big time.

10. Be relentless. Make it happen. Don’t look at job ads. Ever again. Make it work. Rock this business. You were born to be amazing. Live it.

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  1. I really just needed to read all your suggestions! Thank You!!!!

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Nice post, really important points! Love number 10.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Yes, I will make it happen! I’m all for #10. Believing that you can do it keeps your eyes on the prize rather than the obstacles. Cheers!