Get Noticed: How to Get Your Image Next To Blog Comments

Have you ever read a blog (like this one perhaps?) and seen those nifty photos next to the comments? Have you ever thought to yourself – how did those people get their picture to show up? Do you have to be part of some secret internet club? Do they have to smile pretty every time they leave a comment while some hidden camera snaps a photo?

You can rest easy because we’re solving this mystery here and now! Those nifty blog comment photos are called gravatars and it is super easy to get your own!

But first – why would you WANT a gravatar? Commenting on a blog is a great way to make yourself part of a community, and to get noticed by that blogs author and readers. It is much easier to remember who you are when there’s the instant visual recognition of a photo AND it makes people feel like they know you better.

example of gravatars on LKR’s blog

To create your own gravatar (it stands for Globally Recognized Avatar – clever huh?) simply go to and enter your email address.

You will need to upload a photo of yourself and tah-dah!

Not so top secret after all, huh? Sign up for a gravatar and leave a comment below!

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Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. Hey Laura,

    Thanks for this post! I have a gravatar account already, but I spent several months commenting on blogs before I figured out why my picture wasn’t beside my comment while other people had them, so this is definitely useful information!

    I think it definitely helps you become part of the community, as people will take notice, and will remember a distinct picture much more than they’ll pay attention to your name!

  2. Hi Laura. Thanks so much for this tip. I was wondering exactly that and did feel like I was left out! Now I’m a member of the club, yay!

  3. Like Brock, I finally figured this out too, but there are newbies coming in all the time who don’t know about Gravatar. What a tremendous service, and so important for helping people put your name and face together.

  4. Thank you Laura! It’s like wonderful magic! And how nice to have a great place to test it out.

  5. Wow! That’s awesome, Laura! Is there a certain comments-format you have to use a publisher to get this to work?

  6. Laura,
    Thank you so much for this as well as all of your useful advice, it is much appreciated. Hey look to the left….who is THAT with a picture next to this reply?! lol

  7. Laura,
    Thank you so much for this great tip and all of the other advice you continually provide, it is greatly appreciated. Hey, look to the left….who is THAT with a picture next to this response? lol

  8. I gotta say, I did this a little while back, and I was very excited. I had been one of those people wondering what club I needed to join to get my picture displayed.

    Glad I did it. Thanks for reminding me again (I think I learned how to do it from you).


  9. Great information. If you comment on blogs a lot, this really helps boost your brand recognition.

    I also always make sure I link back to my website. Backlinks are good for SEO, and if someone notices your comment (due to your spiffy gravitar!), it’s easy for them to click to your site and learn more about you.

    Good stuff all around! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hi, thanks for the reminder, I had a Gravatar account but no gravatar, strange.
    I wonder what people think to using an image/icon rather than a headshot?

  11. I forgot that I had already done this! Thank you so much for the reminder. :-)

  12. Having a gravatar really adds more credibility. And putting a face on the written words you’re sharing makes them more believable. I would definitely love seeing a face that goes with the comments. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

  13. I have seen you present this topic once before, but had not yet taken action. Thank you for publishing this tip again to remind me to just do it!