Top 3 Life Detox Tips To Unleash Your Success

I know, you’re probably wondering what detox has to do with business success. After all, most of us think of “detox” as a fad diet people do to lose weight quickly, drinking nothing but gross-tasting green juices, strange powdered concoctions and then suffering through headaches, nausea and other horrible detox symptoms.

So, what the heck does this have to do with your business success?


In fact, I credit detox with giving me a six figure business, a fabulous travel lifestyle and an incredibly supportive community of friends and colleagues that you’d think exist only in movies.

Up until seven years ago, I had none of this. What I did have was temporary blindness in one eye, scary health flare-ups that were the beginnings of a possible auto-immune disorder, completely unsupportive relationships, an unsatisfying business that brought in no income and my creativity had dried up to the size of a pea. I woke up every morning feeling like something wasn’t right. I wanted to move forward in my own business, but my thoughts felt foggy and unclear . As an entrepreneur, I felt overwhelmed, unmotivated and terrified of putting myself out there. By the end of the day, even though I’d managed to be on my computer all day “working”, I’d gotten a whole lot of nothing done. Something was holding me back from achieving all the things I was truly, deeply passionate about.

All of that changed when I discovered detox.

Detox gets a bad rap. I get it. It’s a fad right now and as most fads go, they can tend to be pretty extreme. (Remember hammer pants?)

But that’s not what detox is truly about.

Detox is about getting rid of the junk that’s keeping you from living your most ecstatic life possible. So, if you think you don’t need detox, think again. The average person puts over 500 toxins on their body every day just in their morning self-care routine. That doesn’t include all of the other everyday toxins you breathe in the air, drink in your water and ingest in your food. And let’s not forget the toxic relationships we encounter in our social sphere and the toxic beliefs about ourselves that keep us from fully showing up in every area of our lives, including our businesses. Detox goes way beyond the physical.

Toxins stored in your body’s cells and tissues mess with hormones that affect your mood, motivation and general outlook on life and your business.

That fear that keeps you from posting that blog that could catapult your business into the stratosphere? That fogginess in your brain when you’re trying to come up with a killer business idea?

That’s toxicity.

Yes, toxicity is in the way of your six figures, that joint venture you’ve been dreaming of and that blog post or video that goes viral.

When I began to detox my life, my thoughts suddenly became clear as physical toxins left my body. Creative ideas for my business overflowed. I finally knew the right people to hire and understood what the most powerful decisions for my business should be. I detoxed toxic business relationships, changed my business model to support the traveling lifestyle I wanted and hand-picked a community of entrepreneurs who fully supported me in creating the business and life I truly wanted. Soon, my business was making six figures while I was off dancing tango in Buenos Aires.

Now, I help people detox their lives so they can release everything that’s strangling their power and authentically show up in the business and life they desire.

So, here are my Top 3 Life Detox Tips To Unleash Your Success:

1. Find your optimal health level

Let’s face it, if you don’t feel physically well, you won’t feel motivated to do much for your business. Optimal health is the first step and detox is the way to get there. However, everyone is bio-chemically different, so detoxes shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Instead, go for a detox that honors your own individual pace and slowly transitions your body before you start juice fasting (which can make you sick if you’re not ready for it).

2. Indulge in radical self-care

I know you’re passionate about your business, but if you’re burning the candle at both ends and completely ignoring your own physical, emotional and spiritual needs, you’re going to burn out and your business will suffer. Your business needs you at your happiest, that’s when all the creativity and unique ideas that only YOU can put out there into the world, will flow. So make sure that you’re taking time every day to do something good for yourself. Radical self-care helps you detox all the noise in your head and gets you deeply connected to what’s best for you, which is ultimately what’s best for your business. My business income tripled the month that I decided to work less hours and spend more time getting massages and taking walks in the park. I kid you not.

3. Find a fierce tribe of supporters.

When we’re detoxing old beliefs that keep us stuck, it’s common that some people around us can be resistant. Not because they don’t love you, but more because they’re afraid that you’re changing. Without the proper support, change can be scary and self-sabotage is more likely to happen. The most powerful way to make those changes stick is to find a community of people who support you in detoxing these beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you. This makes change feel safe and you’re much more likely to be successful.

In the end, there’s only one you. You were put on this earth for a purpose and if you’re an entrepreneur, your business is deeply connected to that purpose. I believe it’s your birthright to share your unique gifts with the world and you can’t do that if they’re buried behind a wall of toxicity. Make detoxing your life a priority and there will be no limit to how high your business can soar and how much of an impact you can make.

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lisa-fabregaLisa Fabrega is the creator of The Full Life Detox Immersion program, and the founder of Lisa empowers women to pleasurably detox mind, body & soul, so that they can release everything that strangles their power and step into the purpose-filled life that is their birthright. She leads luxury travel retreats, online group coaching experiences and delivers flashes of truth to thousands of inboxes, every week. Her work is all about confidence, clarity, and sensual extravagance. Divine femininity, at peak capacity.


  1. Hi Laura,
    I have been signed up for your emails for almost a year and now that I have actually began reading them…yes I have saved everyone without ever opening them…I can’t stop reading them. I could kick myself!
    Every single one has some new great tid bit. I will now be waiting with bated breath for your next e-mail.
    Now here is where I may get a little kookie sounding. I am a huge believer in knowing the path you are supposed to be on, and when your not God, lets you know in subtle and not so subtle ways. So not only have I been saving your unread emails I also purchased an e-book on juice fasting that I have only read about 10 pages of. So the point of this is, everything that you wrote above about feeling “overwhelmed, unmotivated and terrified of putting myself out there. By the end of the day, even though I’d managed to be on my computer all day “working”, I’d gotten a whole lot of nothing done. Something was holding me back from achieving all the things I was truly, deeply passionate about.” Is how I have been feeling for a long time.
    I’m 32, you appear to be younger than me but you have truly inspired me to detox not only my body but my life as well. My website is incomplete and I just started my blog about four days ago but you have renewed a fire and a hope in me that was merely an ember moments ago.
    I will definitely be quoting you in my blog and I hope others will find you through me. You really seem like a wonderful person and I wish you all the best!

    Thank you so much,
    you truly are helping others!

  2. Randi! So glad that my article spoke to you!!
    And here’s to the beauty of detoxing mind, body and soul!
    You so got this!

    Lisa Fabrega

  3. Randi, I’m so glad you got so much out of this article I wrote!
    It brings a smile to my face to see that you have a renewed fire and hope!
    You can so do this!

    Lisa Fabrega