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Thinking Like a Retail Shop: How to Make Your Website a Customer Magnet

Have you ever walked into a retail shop and found yourself lingering, enjoying the atmosphere, buying great merchandise, and then running to tell all your friends about it? I certainly have. Shops that have lovely décor, beautifully enticing product displays, customer service with a smile, and perks like free coffee and wi-fi, tend to draw… [Read More]

What Rules Are You Following For No Reason?

Managing Information Effectively: 3 Steps to Taming Information Overload

In our quest to become the go-to expert in our fields, we often wind up feeling overwhelmed by the information we encounter as we keep our fingers pressed firmly on the pulse of our industries. It seems as though as soon as we get our inboxes down to zero they fill up once again with… [Read More]

How to Build a WordPress Membership Site Without Spending a Fortune

If you’re just getting started with blogging, chances are you’re interested in sharing your expertise with the world. But you’re probably not only interested in “one-way” communication with your readers. No, blogging is about building a community. And at some point, you’re going to realize that the people in your community may want to pay… [Read More]

5 Easy Ways to Bring More Money in the Door

Are you tired of riding the cash-flow roller coaster? There’s no question that one of the biggest challenges many entrepreneurs face is bringing in consistent income. Sometimes things are great and clients are plentiful, and other days you’re wondering if you can possibly eat ramen noodles one more time. If you’re ready to power up… [Read More]

Four Powerful Marketing Tools Your Business Strategy Needs to Climb to the Top

Internet has changed not only the way we do business, but especially the way we create marketing campaigns. By using all the tools the Internet places at your disposal, you can design a marketing strategy that will allow your company to climb all the way to the top. 1. Boost your online visibility Your website… [Read More]

Coming Soon: Extraordinary Entrepeneurs Wanted

We’re changing everything on July 17th. RSVP here to join us for the online launch party and find out why.

Hashtag Your Event

Twitter Hash Icon by Simon Wheatley If you ever conduct group calls, teleseminars, webinars, workshops or any other kind of live event you will love this week’s tip! News about your online or offline live event can easily go viral IF you know how to promote it right on Twitter – and you’re about to… [Read More]

How to Be Featured as a Speaker at Harvard Business School

Since many speaking gigs are often unpaid and even require that you spend your hard-earned money to fly yourself in to the event, you want to at least be able to get an impressive name on your roster for the trouble. Everyone–even the guy who lives under the rock in the Geico commercial–has heard of… [Read More]

Twelve Twitter Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

Plants that tweet when they need more water, houses that tweet when there’s there’s an intruder, an app that measures whether you’re depressed. These are all among the 1 million+ Twitter applications available today. With a new Twitter application registered every second, you may wonder if you’re using Twitter to the best of your advantage…. [Read More]