Better Your Twitter Bio With 160 Characters


How do people decide if they want to follow you on Twitter? Well, to be honest they don’t have much to go on! Your Twitter profile consists of your name, your picture, your link and an 160 character bio. Let’s focus on pumping up your bio to attract more followers.

Does your current bio arouse interest? Does it make you seem likable? Most of the bios I see are BORING! In my opinion the best Twitter bios contain some descriptive keywords along with a dose of personality.

I want you to go through your Twitter bio and see where you can spice things up. How can you add more description or detail? How can you describe things in a way that sounds a little more unique and memorable?

For example you can turn “Attorney, mom, love to garden” into “Proud mama of 3 crazy little girls, intellectual property lawyer specializing in tech, obsessed with growing my own vegetables in my backyard garden”.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be much more likely to follow the latter bio. This mix of fact and personality can be hard to achieve, and it might take you a few tries. Feel free to improve your bio frequently, there’s no downside to changing it.

Also remember you only have 160 characters – use them all! Squeeze in extra interests or details wherever you can. If you find yourself with 30 characters to spare, see if you can be more descriptive or add an additional hobby or career interest.

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