Why Beauty is Essential to your Business

Before you decide that this post is a bunch of fluff and that it isn’t for you, what if we told you that adding beauty to your life and brand could actually add $$$ to your bottom line?

Got your attention? Good.

Beauty isn’t just about vanity, supermodels or the latest fashions on the cover of Vogue. Beauty is aesthetic. It’s about vision, purpose and power. Embracing and communicating your own “je ne sais quoi” can quite literally change your life and amp up your business.

While appearance isn’t everything, it certainly counts for a lot. Out of the traditional 5 senses, sight is immediate as we form a 1st impression instantly. If you like the way something looks, you’re more likely to “know, like and trust” who it comes from.

Eye by Jessica Polanco

Having a beautiful presence will not only initially set you apart from the masses, but will help you leave a lasting impact.

Here are two key ways you can infuse beauty into your life and brand, whether you’re just starting out or have been around the business block (a few times).

1. Beautify Yo’ Biz

Spend time planning and crafting your brand’s appearance. You might be thinking, sweet, I’ve already done this! You had your logo created on Fiverr, headshots taken by your intern (who happens to know a lot about photography) and picked out the best free WordPress theme that money could buy.

We agree that it’s all about getting yourself out there. Sometimes you don’t have the budget to go big the 1st time around.  We get that.

But there IS some truth to the old adage of you get what you pay for and spend time on.

Here are a few areas of your biz that are definitely worth the investment:

  • A killer set of photographs from a pro-photographer – ?Hiring a photographer who is great at lighting and making you feel comfortable in front of the camera is key. Getting a beauty team on board (hair/makeup + fashion stylist) will further up your game.
  • A custom logo + typeface + color palette – Not all designers are created equal. Take the time to explore potential graphic designers’ portfolios. Talk to them about your vision now and into the future. Adding this level of attention to your brand identity will definitely create a more beautiful, coherent experience for your clients.
  • A custom website + blog – Style isn’t only about pretty pictures and fonts, it’s also about space. An organized website with plenty of “white space”, allows clients to breathe. They feel open and spacious inside your website, even if they don’t know why.
  • A well designed package – Whether you package and sell online products or physical products, take a hard look at your packaging.  Pay attention to the details. The quality of paper you use, a custom label, handwritten notes – when created strategically, can illicit a powerful emotional response from your clients. And will keep them coming back for more!

Untitled by Beeba528

And don’t forget, to always choose professionals based on how well their vision + work aligns with your own.

2. Beautify Yo’ Self

And now it’s time to take a look at bringing a dose of beauty to YOU.

Elegant Closet by Elissa Merola

  • Get dressed in clothes that make you feel powerful, confident and in charge everyday – especially if you’re working from home.
  • Amp up the beauty in your office – splurge on fresh flowers, beautiful artwork or a plush rug.
  • Take long bubble baths in the middle of the day.
  • Eat dessert before dinner.

This is really about intentionally making beauty an essential part of your life. Not everyone is born with a strong “beauty muscle” – it takes time and it takes practice.

How you look + feel directly affects your performance. As entrepreneurs, we always want to be able to deliver our very best. Wouldn’t it be great to do activities that make you feel incredible?
Do yourself a favor and start incorporating some beauty into your life now!


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stephanie-elsa Stephanie Watanabe is an irrepressible entrepreneur, lifelong film producer and insatiable seeker of beauty, who has worked with big deal companies, small biz owners and celebrities throughout her multi-faceted, eclectic career. Elsa Isaac, decidedly a vibrant force in the fashion styling world, has styled A-list celebrities, including Bill Cosby, Brooke Shields & Lenny Kravitz among others. Together, they’ve created VIE + LUXE, a super exclusive, luxury photo shoot event for 12 lucky ladies, happening October 25, 2012 in NYC. For more information, check out their site here.


  1. What a great post!! Thank you Stephanie!

    This gave me some great ideas to focus on :)

    • Thanks so much Jesse – I’m so glad it was helpful!
      If you’re up for it, let us know some of your takeaways and how you plan to implement some of our tips. We’d love to know! :)

  2. YES! This is the argument I have with my developers all the time. The other aspect of beauty that I insist on is ATTENTION TO DETAIL and CONSISTENCY. It’s crucial to pay attention to not only the beauty of the elements on your site (logo, buttons, colors), but the details – how things line up, where the images lead the eye, the size of the font, the amount of text, images, etc.

    But I totally agree with your point. Great article.

  3. This is an interesting way to look at the topic of presentation. I would say putting one’s best foot forward will work wonders. I’ve always gone off the belief that one dresses to the occasion and audience, so depending on what you do, your “beauty”, if you will, ends up being something different all the time. But being easy on the eyes, not assaulting the senses, is the way to go.

    • Mitch, thanks so much for reading – and yes,it really is all about putting our best foot forward. And I love what you alluded to of incorporating individuality and thinking about your audience before you dress. So important!

  4. Stephanie, Elsa. I am thrilled.

    Sooo thrilled.

    I’ve been saying this forever, and aiming to embody it with my brand, Ryze. (here, for example: http://ryzeonline.com/love-the-famous-and-the-beautiful-theyre-your-leverage )

    I’m an artist, I basically don’t release things that don’t feel beautiful to me, and I surround my self with beauty, and and and…

    I’m glad you shared this here, and I think the Dash community can appreciate it.

    Bring on the beauty, ryze up :)

    • Thank you so much J-Ryze(!) for your great feedback – it means a lot to us! I checked out your site and LOVE what you’re up to. Very cool that we’re speaking the same language and helping to get beauty into the world – kudos to you!
      Bring on the beauty!! :)

      • You know it, Stephanie! I checked out yours too, and sent it to some awesome chicks I know.

        I also wanted to follow you on twitter, but despite my Google chops it was like pulling teeth lol —

        You can follow ME at @ryzeonline :P

        (Hi to Elsa, too!)

  5. Marcy Johnson says:

    Great article. I truly believe in this. Beauty conveys confidence, organization, and it attracts.

  6. Great post. I could not agree more!! When I see websites with people saying ‘I make 100K a month and will teach you to do the same’ but their website is crappy looking, I pass on it. If you are making that kind of money you should be investing in your business. There is alot to be said for a clean, chic website and it doesn’t have to cost alot. Excellent post!