Your First 1,000 Fans: How to Get Started in Social Media Marketing

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  • The dead-simple secret sauce for ensuring that your social media fans actually visit your website
  • The essential mindset shift that’s necessary to start seeing results from social marketing

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About Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is a social media marketing expert who gives businesses of all sizes the tools they need to make their mark on the web. She is the creator of the social media scheduling software Edgar, as well as social media marketing web courses like Creating Fame and Social Brilliant.


  1. I have seen a few fan pages I like put this out on facebook. Is this true and are they charging for posts or shares from facebook fan pages? “ATTENTION! Facebook now requires page administrators to pay to promote their updates if we want our content to be seen by our fans. If we do not pay to promote our posts, only about 10% of the fans receive the updates on the Facebook home page feed.

    To keep RECEIVING ALL POSTS FROM US you have to hover the mouse on the “Like” button near our name. In the drop-down menu select “ADD TO INTEREST LIS
    TS”. Then create an interest list (and make a name for your favorite sites). When you select that interest list you will see ALL of our posts and you won’t miss anything important!

    We recommend that you follow the above instructions for ANY Facebook page you care about, so you can continue seeing all the posts from the pages you love.”

    any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated since I have clients asking.

  2. Great video! I’ve been looking for some help in social media, what kind of things can I do to help increase my popularity after 1,000 likes?

  3. Hi,

    I just learned about your website and I’m very interested in your free webinar, however, it looks like I missed it because I cannot sign up above. Is there any way you can direct me to a recorded version via your site or youtube?

    Thank you