Ready, Set, Hire: 5 Ways For Finding Your Perfect Match

One of the most exhilarating times in your business is when you’re finally ready and able to hire help and grow your virtual empire (insert evil laugh here). Your plate is beyond full, it’s more like a platter now actually, and you know that it’s time to delegate to someone, but who? Where do you start?

Most entrepreneurs have a general idea of what they’d like their “right hand” to do for them. They just don’t know where to begin looking for a great one and how to screen them well. Here are 5 ideas to really find great potential team members, in many cases, before you even interview them.

1. Show your personality in your request. If you are placing an ad looking for someone who fits you like a glove, show a little bit about who you are and what you’re about immediately. It’s okay to veer off of the ever-boring want ad template. It’s your business.

2. Make your ad or post work for you. Insert specific directions for the applicants to follow. This will A.) Weed out the lazy people B.) Give you a lot of insight on how well they follow directions and their attention to detail. Making people jump through a few fiery hoops will tell you measures about them. Your entire process should be a series of tests.

3. References first. In your application process, have them give you 3-4 references before you even talk to them. If the people they know don’t shout excellence, why waste your time interviewing them?

4. It’s okay to hire inexperience. You can’t teach personality and work ethic, trust me, I’ve tried. Find people who are incredible communicators with great personality traits. You can show them how to work Infusionsoft like a champ or how to answer emails. Many times, inexperienced people just want to get their foot in the door, so they will also be less expensive on average, and you can teach them what you need them to know.

5. Behavioral interviewing (“Tell me about a time when you…”) questions are great, but keep in mind that no one is going to tell you about a time when they totally crapped out on a customer service issue. Many people are downright desperate to find a job these days so storytelling is not beyond the scope of expectation. Send a “Sorry, but you didn’t get the job” email to them after your interview and see how their tone is. Those who are still cheery and appreciative show patience and maturity. Those people can handle your business like a dream in the right environment.

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  1. This blog came at the right time! I am sitting here looking through my contacts on who to reach out to for freelance projects. Thank you for the great tips!

  2. Specific instruction is something I always coach people on when hiring out! Unless you are taking on a partner, right explicit processes that almost anyone could follow, at least to start with, you’ll gain insight into how well they can listen, and follow exact instructions…that will lead you to a “this is or isn’t” working out for more responsibility.

    *This article was really hard to read, there’s zero spacing and the numbers could be a list. Thank you!